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American Greetings, an Ohio-based company, sells greeting cards via the Internet and through chain stores, including grocery stores and drug stores. (The company also sells greeting cards under the marketing label "Carlton Cards.") In August 2004, American Greetings added card #229 AFW 1-1240B to its product line. That card, which is part of the "just my style" collection and is displayed for sale under the caption "we're talkin funny," shows what appears to be -- and clearly is intended to be -- a male voodoo doll with more than 20 pins stuck in the crotch. The printed message inside the card reads "Me?! Sick of Men? Why do you ask?" Measured against any civilized standard of decency, the sexual sadism plainly suggested by the card is itself "sick"...and depraved. (Of course, American Greetings does not market a similar card depicting a female voodoo doll.) Moreover, the card effectively conveys the message that sexual violence committed by women against men is not only acceptable, but is also amusing. According to American Greetings, which has refused to pull the card from store shelves, the card is an "above average performer." Sadly, notwithstanding its mission statement, which proclaims that American Greetings "strives to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct," American Greetings evidently has no compunction about producing and selling a "greeting card" that demeans men and condones, if not invites, sadistic acts of sexual violence against them -- provided, of course, that it is profitable to do so. A company that promotes violence against men deserves no patronage from men, so, before buying any greeting card, check the back and be sure it's from an American Greetings card or a Carlton Card.

The CEO of American Greetings is Zev Weiss, American Greetings, One American Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44144-2398 or or 216-252-7300.

Source: Larry at and a sample letter.

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