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So it's Date One with your latest dream girl, and you're on your best behavior. After all, you're hoping she'll be seeing God - or at least the ceiling over your headboard - before long. But even though you were on time, complimented her dress, and picked up the tab, you ended the night alone. Now you're wondering why. Chances are your date saw through any facade and took a good hard look at the real you. Oops. What exactly are women looking for?  Clues that reassure them that you're a nice guy, that your last address didn't include the words maximum security facility, and that you've got skills in bed.

Also know that kissing (26%) is five times more important than stamina. Touching is tied (26%), oral dexterity next (24%), followed by creativity (17%). Now on their list was stamina (5%), frequency (2%) and decibel level of orgasmic Tarzan cry (0%). Here's a sneak peek at the actual checklist. (See the magazine for expanded information on each.)

  • Does he pay close attention to the finer details?
  • Is he nice to strangers?
  • Is he independent?
  • Does he have a clean track record with women?
  • Does he rebound after life's little setbacks?

We know what you're thinking - we think way too much. These notions of ours may seem trite to you, but we promise that your efforts will be rewarded. Ace our checklist, and your target gal will let you in on some even sexier secrets.

Source: Maxim magazine, 9/01

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