You've Come
a Long Way, Dad!


Make room for Daddy - he's spending more and more time with the kids. On weekdays, dads spend about 65% as much time with their children as moms do, and on weekends, 87% as much time, according to a study of nearly 1,800 families published in the Journal of Marriage and Family. That's 2.5 hours per day during the week and 6.2 hours on weekends. Flashback: In the early 1990s, dads spent only about 43% as much time as moms did directly engaged with their kids.

And Dad's extra family time doesn't just mean more wrestling on the living room couch. A portion of his time is spent doing such basic childcare tasks as feeding, bathing, and brushing the kids' hair.

"I think fathers will continue to take on more traditionally 'female' tasks as women become increasingly valued in the workplace and our society expects egalitarian roles for parents," says study author W. Jean Yeung, Ph.D, a sociologist at New York University. "Fewer will be just 'helpers' and more will be true co-parents."

Source: Parenting, 9/01

According to USA Today, 12/14/05, of all stay-at-home parents, less than .002 percent are fathers.

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