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Home Depot – the nation's largest hardware chain – doesn't offer their customers much of a choice when it comes to animal and kid-friendly lawn and garden care. The chain doesn't offer enough natural alternatives to the toxic pesticides it stocks on its shelves. And many of the chemical lawn pesticides Home Depot offers are not only toxic to birds, bees, fish and other wildlife, but also harmful to children, pets and water quality. Let Home Depot know that toxic pesticides aren't the only choice for lawn and garden care. Take action now…

How You Can Help:

As a member of the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns, Defenders needs you to help us pressure Home Depot to carry a full range of alternatives to toxic pesticides. As the largest supplier of lawn and garden products in the country, Home Deport must do more to support sustainable land practices that won't pollute our environment, threaten our wildlife or harm our families.

We need to urge Home Depot to do three things:

1) Carry a full range of natural, non-toxic lawn and garden products.
2) Train staff to be knowledgeable about non-toxic alternatives.
3) Reconsider the sale of "weed and feed" – a particularly toxic product.

Please download this letter, sign it, and deliver it to the Customer Service desk at your neighborhood Home Depot. We need to deliver as many letters as soon as possible. If you don't know where a Home Depot near you is located, go to www.HomeDepot.com and click on store locator. If you are able to deliver your letter, please email pesticidefree@defenders.org so we know how many letters have been delivered.

Thanks for supporting natural and safe lawn management products for yards across America!


In April 2005, the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns publicly called on Home Depot and Lowe's Home Improvement to start selling a full range of natural, non-toxic lawn and garden products. They also asked the companies to train their staff to be knowledgeable about natural lawn care, to provide do-it-yourself natural lawn materials, to reconsider the sale of "weed and feed," and to work with the Coalition to make it all happen. By June 2005, the Coalition had heard back from the companies. Both essentially said they already carry natural lawn products and that product mix per store depends on demand. Our information tells us that neither company does any market research to determine demand but instead determines demand solely upon sales. Our response?

We understand that the company stocks the shelves depending on demand, but we also understand that the demand level is artificially skewed. The natural product(s) are completely eclipsed by the vast amount of toxic products, and customers are often referred to toxic products because staff do not adequately understand or know how to explain natural lawn and garden care.

Given the inaction of these companies, the Coalition is asking customers to speak up for natural lawn and garden care products and information.

To learn more about the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns, please click here www.defenders.org/wildlife/birds/pesticides.html

Defenders of Wildlife is a leading national conservation organization recognized as one of the nation's most progressive advocates for wildlife and habitat and known for its effective leadership on saving endangered species such as brown bears and gray wolves. Defenders advocates new approaches to wildlife conservation that protect species before they become endangered. Founded in 1947, Defenders is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with more than 475,000 members and supporters

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