Just drop it. Imagine carrying around a heavy burden that burns you up but you refuse to let it go. Sounds silly? Well, it's something we all do whenever we hang on to resentment - no matter how "justified." In the September-November issue of IONS, words of wisdom are offered by four specialists in "forgiveness".

Drawing from the dedicated work of experts in this field - Everett Worthington, Stanford University's Fred Luskin, Taoist teacher and healer Mantak Chia and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu - they offer different perspectives on the effects of resentment, and on what "forgiveness" means.

Another great article is titled Befriending Fear. "I'll never forget the feeling. The CEO called me into his office, looked into my eyes and said, 'Jock, this isn't working out.'" Being laid off at any age can be demoralizing - at 57, it can be shattering. Former marketing executive tells how he survived the pink slip, and thrived.

Related Issue: Forgiveness As Salve for Sin

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