J.C. Penney Believes
Father's Are Incompetent

J. C. Penney is airing a series of TV commercials that depict dads as complete incompetents with their own children. There are, we believe, five versions that all have the same theme: mom has gone to Penney's one day sale and dad is completely out of his element. Imagine women being denigrated this way over, say, having a job outside the home. I can see it now. The husband prepares a great breakfast for the wife and kids and she rushes out, brief case in hand. She gets to her new corporate job, has a report due, and can't figure out how to work the stapler or even how a paper clip works. Since that's not going to happen, figure J. C. Penny just isn't a store for men.

The advertising agency is DDB Chicago, 200 E Randolph Dr, Chicago, IL 60601. 312.552.6000 for fax 312.552.2372. Also, DDB Dallas, 3500 Maple Ave Ste 1700, Dallas, TX 75219. 214.599.5500, fax 214.599.5280

The corporate address is J. C. Penney Company, Inc., 6501 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024. The mailing address is PO Box 10001, Dallas, TX 75301. Phone 800.953.9421 or 972.431.1000 or fax 972.881.6688 or info@jcpenney.com or www.jcpenney.com. And, Public Relations is at jmuir@jcpenney.com.

Officers:  James E Oesterreicher, COB, CEO. Marilee J. Cumming, President, Women's Apparel and Merchandise. Steve Farley, President, Marketing. Marilee J. Cumming, President, Women's Apparel and Merchandise. Steve Farley, President-Marketing. Toby Aurilla, Creative Director.

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