Real Burbon.
Real friends.
Real drunk.


Jim Beam's Photo Gallery
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Jim Beam whiskey continues its ads demeaning men. 1. This ad in the 9/01 issue of Maxim shows four men, three of them looking at each other and the fourth guy looking at what looks like a stripper on a pole with the line "Who says men don't like dancing? Real friends. Real bourbon." 2. This ad ran in the Australian publication Ralph using the same photo with the headline reading "If the chicks ask, we're watching the footy." 3. This ad shows a birthday party with a woman coming out of a giant cake. The headline reads "A picture is worth a thousand words, and these guys will deny every single one. Real friends. Real bourbon." So, the Jim Beam good old boys like drinking', strippers, and being deceitful. Come to think of it, they may be right. Continuing their series of "men behaving badly" to promote the "man's men" in April, 2002. 4. Another Jim Beam Bourbon ad for "the guys". Interesting copy. It starts off "Unlike your girlfriend" not "their girlfriend" which makes it sound like these guys don't have and can't get girl friends. It goes on to say, "They never ask where this relationship is going." I guess it's hard to talk with someone who is drunk all of the time. Think they might be better off with a sponsor? 5. This ad reads "You asked them, her father, and her. In that order." Less obnoxious than the previous ads, it still doesn't show much respect for women and relationships with women. I thought we had grown up by now. 6. Continuing their series of "men behaving badly" to promote the "man's men" in April, 2002. "Good bourbon, ice cubes and whichever glasses are clean." I don't sense the last item is much of a prerequisite for these Jim Beam drinkers.

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