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“Journeyman," a documentary film on Rites of Passage, mentoring, and male culture in America is poised to go mainstream. .Created by Mankind Project brothers Charlie Borden and Kevin Obsatz, Journeyman was distilled from over 125 hours of Boys to Men and MKP I-group footage. “Journeyman” is sparking a national discussion of why male depression and violence have been escalating in America. The film is focused on a powerful movement underway to redefine male roles and to promote authentic models of wholeness and integrity for men. Now YOU can see it, AND help it succeed in spreading our healing men’s work to the world! We are asking that you buy Journeyman, or help to arrange a screening in your area.

"If we do not initiate the boys, they will burn the village down." -African Proverb

The crisis in male culture is reaching the tipping point, as more and more men fail to show up for one another and for the next generation. Boys and men alike become depressed or violent when they are forced to give up a part of their true selves.

JOURNEYMAN is a documentary film that serves as a witness and a mirror to reflect boys' and men’s hunger to know their true purpose and place in a soulful community Journeyman is a powerful tool to touch hearts, and begin discussions of how to reclaim that crucial sense of purpose and place.

The film takes you inside men’s circles, Boys to Men Weekends, Mentor Training weekends, and follows the subject boys and their mentors as they faced new challenges, and grew in maturity and integrity. JOURNEYMAN also includes interviews with leading experts in child development, the effects of media, sociology, and famous proponents of Rites of Passage.

Central to the film's journey is the footage of men doing their own work so that they are able to show up cleanly for the next generation. JOURNEYMAN bears witness to a community of men and boys who are together creating a culture built on the foundation of a newly emerging definition of masculinity.

The DVD also includes over 30 minutes of special features on topics such as the influence of media on young men, a veteran's perspective on violent games, and powerful interview with MKP brother and Heisman trophy winner Aaron Taylor on mentoring and mature masculinity.

Over the last eight months, Journeyman has screened at theatres, churches and conferences across the country. The film is now poised to hit the mainstream. It will have its first statewide Public Television broadcast in Minnesota in September.

We hope that JOURNEYMAN will touch your heart and change your life in as profound a sense as it has affected ours. Please help us to spread the word and continue this valuable work by purchasing a DVD of the film and facilitating a screening of Journeyman in your community. Please see the attached word document for more information about hosting a screening event. The film has proven effective time and time again as a powerful tool to inspire discussion and participation among men, bringing families closer together and recruiting men to take part in mentoring and men's work across the country.

You can watch a 3 minute preview of the film at DVDs are available off our website at,, or by calling 877.515.9150. Please contact Charlie Borden about arranging a Journeyman screening by emailing him at E-Mail.

Together, our work is changing the world!

“The takeaway from JOURNEYMAN isn’t despondency, but hope... the one-hour film follows Mike Ericson and Joe Max, two troubled, fatherless teens who move from desperation to transformation with the help of caring male mentors.” - Gail Rosenblum Minneapolis Star Tribune

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