The MS. Foundation Finally Decides It's Time
to "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work"


Parade magazine, below, talks about a new program called "Taking Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" that the MS. Foundation is proposing for 2003. Long a time celebrated officially by men's organizations around the country, the MS  Foundation, who has promoted and gotten millions of dollars of corporate support for the "Take Our Daughters to Work Day", annually celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April, has rushed to put a new spin on it by including "and Sons" in 2003, something they had ardently refused to do for many years. Wonder if the law suits against local school districts, etc. to include Sons had anything to do with the people at MS. waking up to smell a new blend of coffee with equality mixed in.

Women have come a long way in the ten years since the first Take Our Daughters to Work Day was announced in Parade magazine. Now, says Marie Wilson, president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, the program’s sponsor, “We need to look at how girls and boys can progress together.”

To that end, Parade reported in the Sunday, March 3, 2002 issue, page 14, that the Ms. Foundation will launch Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day for next year.

A new Roper ASW poll on how attitudes toward gender and the workplace have changed in the last decade found that 68% of Take Our Daughters to Work Day participants believe the program encourages more opportunities for women at work; 65%, however, believe that, despite progress, men and women still are treated differently at work, with women paid less and given fewer chances to advance. Almost 75% said that, to achieve equality, society also needs to be more accepting of men in jobs traditionally viewed as women’s work, such as nursing.

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