People Magazines
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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on a case of turning a pedophile's wedding into a star event as if everything's all better now that the molested child is an adult.

The June 5, 2005 issue of People magazine provided a two page spread plus a lead on the cover to a pedophile's wedding to the former sexually abused child. The student was 12 when the affair began, the teacher was 34. (Click on the photo above to see the feature on the cover.)

People made the wedding of the former student and the pedophile all positive with lines like "The 225 guests waiting in an orchid-filled tent...", "The crowd cheered as the bride materialized... Dressed in white, she glided down the aisle as one of the cousin's sang the gospel number 'His Eye is on the Sparrow.'" So, the pedophile gets married to cheers from the crowd and People reported that "now their strange liaison bears the sanctity of marriage."

Her mother and four of her five siblings boycotted the wedding. People reported that "It's sad more of her family didn't come." To see a child molester, of a 12 year old child, no less, be legally married to the victim.

Six "wedding bliss" pictures were included in the two-page spread romanticizing the whole "affair".

The question: If the pedophile was a 34 year old man and his student a 12-year-old girl, would the public not be outraged. (Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that the pedophile was a woman and the student was a boy.) Would People magazine sanctify pedophilia by devoting a two-page spread and partial cover to the event? I haven't seen that happen, but time will tell.

My question: Does she have to report her home address as a pedophile or did the law in Washington romanticize her situation and let her go free. In most states, once a pedophile, always a pedophile, and they are required to provide their address to the local community for the rest of their life, regardless whether they receive the "sanctity" of marriage or not.

Final note: Entertainment Tonight and The Insider taped the event. Giving it almost as much press as the Tom and Kate romance they shared the cover of People magazine with. Wow. It seems that they make more out of weddings where one of the parties is a criminal and when two honest people get married. I guess whatever sells magazines. And, whoever buys magazines supports this kind of acting out making this quite a dysfunctional culture. The runaway bridge who lies to police and gets a great book deal. The child-abusing Catholic Bishop that the church gives special, positive recognition to. And, the list goes on. Imagine the messages our children are getting from all of this. I hope you're talking with your children about this and things like this. They've got to get a better story than they're getting from the press. Molesting a child is just plain wrong and shouldn't be glamorized in the press. That's why we've got a free press. They can do what they do, and we can do what we do. Ask people to wake up, wash aside the glamorization of crime, and tell the media what you think.

Source: People magazine, June 5, 2005

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