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"One day, four years ago, Canadian medical researcher Richard Edwards was bored. He was so bored, in fact, that he started browsing through online personal ads. As he did, he was struck by the fact that in all the ads placed by men, the shortest penis length mentioned was seven inches.

"This struck him as somewhat unrealistic. Was it due to blatant exaggeration, he wondered, or merely incorrect measuring technique? Or didn't people know the length of an average penis?

"As Edwards pondered these questions, he had the idea of posting a questionnaire on the internet. It was time, he decided, to separate penis fact from phallic fantasy.

"Since his "Definitive Penis Size Survey' first appeared on the web, Washington-based Edwards, 45, has received around 9,000 responses from participants in over 80 countries, making it perhaps the most exhaustive survey of its kind of date. Apart from penile dimensions, it also examines broader issues such as 'over satisfaction' and possible correlation between penis size and other parts of the body.

"So, what did the survey conclude?  Edwards found that the average penis measures 8.6cm (3.4 inches) at rest and 16cm (6.4 inches) when erect. The most impressive specimen he came across stood proud at 26cm (10.2 inches), while the tiniest could only manage 6.8cm (2.7 inches) when excited.

"The figures suggest that black men have longer flaccid penises, Caucasians are slightly ahead on erect length. Men from China, Japan and Southeast Asia proved likely to have the shortest erect penises. The survey suggests there is a strong correlation between erect penis length and height, but a weak correlation with thumb size, big toe size and the length of the middle finger. Shoe size doesn't matter a bit."

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