In certain households, singing "Home for the Holidays" is more of a threat than a promise. Be thankful you don't share genetic material with these holiday witches (left to right).

Martha Stewart One Halloween, one woman claims, Stewart greeted the woman's 4-year-old trick-or-treater by pouring water on dry ice, blowing steam in her face, and sending her off without a treat (or even a stock tip).

Joan Crawford: Sometimes motherhood is communicable. Crawford's daughter Christina asserts that her mom's parenting style caused Christina's carotid artery damage, which led to headaches and a stroke.

Mrs. Saddam Hussein: Her sons were sadistic murderers and torturers. It couldn't have been all Dad's fault. The rotten apples seldom fall far from the tree.

Mary Kay Letournear: The teacher seduced, and was eventually impregnated by, her 12-year-old student, taking "teacher's pet" to a whole new level.

Courtney Love: According to a nanny, Love once fed her kid at 11 pm, sent her upstairs to watch TV, and blared Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin until 7 am. At least it wasn't one of her own recordings.

Source: Men's Health magazine, May 2005

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