Movie Mom provides parents with the information they need to decide which movies, DVDs and videos are best for kids from ages 2 through 18.

Nell Minow's articles about children and media have appeared in USA Today, Slate, Parents, Child, Daughters, and three editions of The Practical Guide to Practically Everything. She writes the Media Mom column for the Chicago Tribune and reviews movies every week on radio stations across the United States and in Canada.

The second edition of her book, The Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies, was published in 2004. The Movie Mom has been profiled in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Working Woman, Washingtonian Magazine, and the Chicago Sun Times. She has appeared on CBS This Morning, Fox Morning News, NPR, and CNN.

Ms. Minow's award-winning website, featuring reviews of current releases, classic videos, and guidance for parents, has been online since 1995. The Movie Mom welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions. Just send in your comments to the Movie Mom using her feedback form . For her reviews, go to Movie Mom Reviews And, Movie Mom's Reviews by Age: Preschool ; Kindergarten - Grade 3 ; Grades 4-8 ; High School ; Mature High School ; All Ages .

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