Forty Principles,
Tools and Aphorisms


From: Michael Naumer (a man who made a difference)
October 21, 1942 – May 4, 2001

• Everything changes. Everything happens in cycles. Everything contributes.

• Everything contains within itself the seed of its apparent opposite.

• Everything is important, and nothing is significant.

• There are no accidents.

• Things are not happening to me—they are happening for me.

• Do I want to be right—or do I want to be effective?

• Am I available for what I say I want?

• What is my part?

• Expand to include—and have it contribute.

• There is no meaning in reality. Truth does not mean anything; it is just what’s so.

• No good deed goes unpunished.

• The mind is a dangerous neighborhood; don’t go in there alone.

• Our baggage is the material we need to transform. We need our stuff—we just want to become objective about it so we can deal with it.

• If you are going to be there, be there. If not, go someplace else.

• Whatever you hold as this shouldn’t be, you energize its continued existence.

• What you can’t choose, you have to hold as burden.

• Where you are the most wounded—you are the most accomplished.

• Where you stumble is your gold.

• When you get your limits—you get your maturity.

• When you diminish another person you lose their ability to contribute to you.

• As long as you have to live inside the tribe, you cannot be a leader.

• As consciousness rises, significance drops away.

• The universe is not oppositional—only our minds are.

• It is all, all working.

• It is better to ride the horse in the direction it is going.

• It is not about me. It may have something to do with me, but it is not about me—or my value. Nor is it about you—or your value.

• Do not assign emotional responsibility to another; they don’t cause it—they only occasion it.

• Gathering evidence is the way in which we organize our resistance.

• Get the debt out of relationship.

• Relationship will not fill my gap (the solution then becomes the problem).

• There is a difference between taking a stand and being a stand.

• Position creates opposition; when I take a position, I have to defend it.

• Context determines content.

• Consciousness is that which recognizes itself.

• Complaint is an abdication of responsibility.

• Attachment produces dependence, dependence produces complaint; you can’t get to satisfaction from complaint.

• Expectation shuts it down.

• Love is the recognition of the equal in the other.

• Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.

• People are miraculous surprises.

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