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I want all of you to join us in our new campaign protesting PBS' national broadcast of the anti-father film Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories. The film, which aired on PBS affiliates throughout the country on Thursday, October 20, 2005 portrays fathers as batterers and child molesters who steal children from their mothers. (Editor's Note: Once again deflecting the focus off of the real perpetrators of maltreatment, violence and killing of children - women. That's the REAL Silence about Child Abuse )

The film is a one-sided assault on fatherhood which presents a harmful and inaccurate view of divorce and child custody cases. We want PBS to give fatherhood and shared parenting advocates a meaningful opportunity to respond on the air.

This campaign is to provide popular support for efforts by Fathers and Families , Help Stop PAS Inc. , the American Coalition for Fathers & Children , and the Coalition of Fathers and Families NY, Inc. (FaFNY) to help PBS resolve the problem.

Take Action - Now!

To learn more about what's wrong with Breaking the Silence, click here . To read the film's producers' press release on the film, click here . To contact your local PBS station, click here and enter your zip code. Each PBS station's website is laid out differently, but look for "Contact Us" or something similar. If this takes you to a form, enter your comments. If it shows a list of contact names, identify the station manager. If there's no email address listed, call the station and ask to speak with the station manager.

And the Saga Goes On - Updates

Source: www.glennsacks.com/pbs

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