Ginny Quinones has excellent credentials, having had success in Karts and Quarter Midgets. Later she moved to the 270cc Micro Sprints where she also ran up front. More recently, she ran the Focus Midget Series on the East Coast. She also had a strong showing in the Ford Focus Nationals, where she finished Eighth out of the 41 drivers competing.

 Last info 2005

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Ginny has raced quarter midgets, karts, 270 micro sprints, 600 micro sprints, tq midgets, and USAC ford focus midgets. She has tested in late models.

Birth Name: Virginia Quinones
Date of Birth: March 16, 1988
Place of Birth: Newton, New Jersey
Parents: Victor and Dorothy Quinones
Brothers: Ben & Seth
Sisters: Candace, Naomi & Amanda
School: Home Schooling -- Senior Year
Greatest Influence in Life: Jesus Christ
Most Admired Driver: Dale Earnhardt (for his success and determination)
Hobbies: - Playing Drums, Singing at Church, Helping out in church nursery, Watching comedies, Playing sports
Favorite TV Show: Monster Garage (Big Schwag rocks!)
Favorite Book: The Bible - its a best seller, ya know!
Favorite Bands: - Casting Crowns, Cross Movement, Out of Eden, Kutlass


New to the USAC ranks, Ginny Quinones was one of the several females to enjoy success during the 2004 racing season, finishing 10th in the inaugural season of the Carolina/Virginia Ford Focus Midget Car Series. Quinones had a season best fourth at Sparta, Ky., which notched her the event's Hard Charger award, and claimed eight top 10s in 13 starts. Quinones started racing Quarter Midgets on the East Coast and has experience in go-karts as well. She also drove a 270cc winged micro in her third season of competitive driving.

Ginny Writes About Her Racing

I have been racing since I was 13. I started with quarter midgets on an asphalt track at Oaklane Quarter Midget Club. It was there that my passion for racing became ignited when I won the first race I participated in. When I talk with other kids my age, most of them say they race because it's something to do. I've only met one or two others who understand me when I say I race because I have to. Racing is "my drug of choice." Nothing can compare with that adrenalin rush you get when you're out on the track totally focused on what you're doing at that moment, everything else is forgotten and unimportant. The only thing that matters is what is happening on the track. I obtained five feature wins that season, and another during the winter indoor season.

The following year I got a ride in a Go Kart with Dick Haring Racing. I drove primarily on local dirt tracks in PA and won a total of 21 feature events. Mr. Haring has been involved in racing for more than 50 years, mainly as a crew chief/mechanic. In November of 2002 I had the honor of attending the National Old Timers Auto Racing Club Banquet with him as he received the Joe Bullock Award entering him into the National Auto Racing Hall of Fame. He was a great mentor and I learned a lot from Mr. Haring.

In 2003, I was fortunate to get a ride in a micro sprint owned by Mr. Chuck Clark, C & B Race Products. We were able to win two feature events, had three seconds and two thirds. My dad and I maintained the car from week to week between races. I gained a lot of experience that year racing in the rookie class for points at Borger's Speedway and running in the expert class whenever our schedule allowed.

In 2004, I raced a USAC Ford Focus Midget in the Carolina/Virginia Series. The car was owned and crewed by my family. My best finish of the year was 4th at Kentucky Motor Speedway. It is awesome to get to race on the high bank asphalt tracks such as Hickory Motor Speedway and South Boston Speedway. Even though I got off to a slow start at the beginning of the season due to mechanical trouble, I was able to rebound from 20th place to finish 10th for the season in points by achieving consistent top 10 finishes.

In December 2004, I participated in and graduated from the Lyn St. James Driver Development program. I was taught much valuable information I plan to apply both on the track and off to make me a better driver and spokesperson for my sponsors.

My father helped me gain a lot of track time during the off seasons by traveling with me to compete in many indoor race series including the Rumble Series, Motorrama and others. I participated in those series in both Quarter midgets and Karts. This December during the Rumble Series in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USAC combined their regular midget class and the Ford Focus Midgets to race side by side. I competed with my Focus midget. I won my heat race and finished fourth in the main event on December 30th.

For the 2005 season I am to again participate in the Ford Focus Midget Carolina/Virginia series full time for points. My family purchased a brand-new car for the 2005 season and we have high expectations for this season. USAC started a new Northeast series this year. I plan to participate in as many of their races as I can in my weekends off from the Carolina/Virginia Series.

My ultimate career goal is to compete in the highest level of professional racing. I am determined to gain as much experience as possible through programs such as the Lyn St. James Driver Development Program, the USAC Ford Focus Series and other opportunities I may be able to obtain to give me the experience and exposure I need to achieve my goal.


2005 SPRING/SUMMER Race Results

Carolina / Virginia Series

Date Track Heat Feature Comments

3/26 S. Boston - DNF Coolant on track, crashed
4/23 S. Boston - 15th
5/6 Tri County - 6th
5/14 E. Lincoln 3rd n/a Rained Out
6/4 S. Boston - 10th
6/11 E. Lincoln 2nd 5th
6/16 Hickory 7th 12th
7/3 Friendship - 8th
7/9 Kentucky - 12th Broken Panhard Bar
Completed Season 12th in Points

Northeast Series

Date Track Heat Feature Comments

7/20 Seekonk 2nd 14th Broken Panhard Bar
7/29 Adirondack 2nd 9th
7/30 Chemung 5th 14th
8/13 Oxford Plains - 5th
8/27 Seekonk 5th 14th Spun Out
9/4 Oswego - 10th
10/1 Seekonk - 14th


Date Track Feature

9/17 Lima 13th
9/18 Anderson 9th

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04/29/06 Waterford Speedbowl *Results* 20 L
05/13/06 Oswego Speedway 20 L
05/20/06 Adirondack International Speedway 25 L
05/27/06 Seekonk Speedway 20 L
06/03/06 Chemung Speedrome 20 L
06/17/06 Oswego Speedway 20 L
07/22/06 Chemung Speedrome 20 L
07/26/06 Seekonk Speedway 20 L
07/28/06 Adirondack International Speedway 25 L
08/08/06 Chemung Speedrome 20 L
08/19/06 Wall Township Speedway 35 L
08/26/06 Seekonk Speedway 20 L
09/03/06 Oswego Speedway 20 L
10/07/06 Seekonk Speedway
10/08/06 Seekonk Speedway 20 L

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