In a new series of television commercials, supposed selling the toughness of Dodge Ram trucks (but never showing one), European markets are presented with commercials that show the toughness of primarily women's heads to head butt men, a bathroom sink, and an old lady.

Go to www.ramrash.com/en/videos.html and click on "Sightings" to see each commercial for yourself. They also promote Dodge and the campaign by offering screen savers, wallpaper and video games depicting images from the commercials. Wedding, Night Club,

Covering the European market, the commercials and web sites are in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The Story
Where to Catch Them: Nobody knows where it started across the globe. New cases are popping up every day. It cannot be contained. Check out the latest breaking news.

The Sightings

That Sinking Feeling
Barcelona, Spain. Now we can finally know what girls are doing with all the time in the bathroom. Watch as a pre-mating ritual turns downright destructive.

Scantly clad, buxom woman applies lotion to her legs. She checks the Ram logo on her left cheek. Knocks lotion on floor. Bends over to pick it up and in doing so knocks into the sink with her head, smashing it. Holds her head, looks at the damage, "Recognize the signs" comes on screen.

Coming Right Up
Halmstad, Sweden Now that's service. An alert waiter goes above, beyond and below the call of duty to rescue a choking victim. Looks like father and older daughter at dinner. He makes a comment and starts to choke. She cries for help. Waiter turns around we see Ram logo on his jaw. He pushes another waiter out of the way, jumps over a couple of tables, leapfrogs another, head butts the old man in the stomach, and he coughs up the food blockage. Young woman kisses the waiter as a thank-you. He grabs a handful of her butt, she's pleasantly shocked. (We're surprised she didn't head-but him. You never can tell, until after the fact, whether they like it or not Or, were upset because you didn't come on to them.)

Milano Italy. One babe, two potential suitors. A lot of banging and pounding...and bashing of heads. Just watch this. We dare you. The scene: a night club. Attractive woman dancing, flirting with two guys. Two guys face off. One has ram logo on back of neck, the other on the back of the hand. We hear snorts, a charge, head butt and recoil. One wins, walks away with girl. He puts his hand on her butt, she head puts him. She smiles, brushes her hair back showing Ram logo on her shoulder.

Now That's an Entrance
Liverpool, UK This young lady knows where she's headed and won't let anything get in her way. - Including lost keys, doors and the elderly. Young woman with arms full of groceries, tries to get in apartment. Can't. Calls out for grandma to open up. Grandma is in a daze watching television. Screen shows Ram logo on young woman's arm and download freezes at that point so we can only speculate what happens. At the minimum there's got to be a head butt and probably the first recipient will be the door.

I now pronounce you unconscious.
Vilnius Lithuania. Ouch we can't help but wonder what the honeymoon will be like. There seems to be something with advertising and weddings to sell non-wedding products. In this clip, a seemingly calm wedding ends in the bride head butting her groom, throwing him over her shoulder, and walking through the church doors. We aren't sure, once again, what this is an advertisement for even though part of it is in English. "Recognize the signs." and closes with the ramrash.com web site up. It goes to a DamlerChrysler web site asking you to "Recognize the Signs" and gives you a choice of five commercials to watch.
Original source: www.weddingheckler.com/2006_03_01_archive.html Scroll down to view actual commercial.

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Today violence is the rhetoric of the period. - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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