Martin Lawrence stars as a successful college basketball coach who takes himself a little too seriously. When he accidentally kills the mascot of an opposing team during a game, he is ousted from the league. What starts as a PR ploy to get his job back turns into a life-changing experience when he tries to take a middle school team from their laughing stock status to the championships. [1:43] [2005] [PG] 2.3.2

This movie is filled with violent and semi-violent acts by the coach, spectators, boys and girls. Yes girls. It all seems so acceptible. Is this what society has come to? Read on.

  • A girl trips a boy
  • A girl hits a boy and knocks him to the floor
  • A girl punches a boy in the shoulder and shoves him against a locker
  • A girl punches a boy in the face.
  • A girl punches a boy off-screen (we hear scuffling and blows).
  • A girl threatens another girl and then a boy when she finds them flirting.
  • A girl cracks her knuckles and her neck throughout the movie.

It's interesting that no such action was taken towards a girl by any of the boys. So much like real life. It's funny, or at least okay, for girls to hit boys. But detention if not jail awaits a boy who returns the favor.

And, there's much more:

  • A coach kicks a basketball that hits an eagle and kills it (we see the bird lying dead on the floor and we see grief stricken children in the audience).
  • A bully trips a boy as he walks up stairs, and another one yells at him.
  • A man throws a boy on the floor.
  • A man is hit hard in the face by a basketball, he falls to the ground and we see his nose bleeding.
  • A boy is hit in the face with a basketball
  • A boy is hit in the face by a door and the cupcake that he is eating is squished on his face
  • A man is hit in the face by a door.
  • Boys are hit repeatedly in the head, stomach and crotch with basketballs.
  • Boys pour a bucket of ice water over a man's head.
  • A man puts Icy Hot under boys' arms to make them keep their arms up.
  • A coach pops a basketball when angry with what he deems a bad call.
  • A coach yells aggressively at his middle school aged team.
  • A man prays for opposing team members to be injured.
  • A man yells at referees in several scenes
  • A man yells at an opposing team's mascot.
  • A man drives a car into a garbage can (he has apparently been in other accidents judging from the condition of the car).
  • Several boys and a man are splashed with mud when a car drives through a puddle.
  • A boy vomits in many scenes (we hear him gag and frequently hear a splat); one time he vomits on a man's shoe, and other times on the floor or into a garbage can.

And with all of this, Rebound gets a PG-13 rating. Why? Because it emulates real life so accurately. I'm surprised it didn't get a G.


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