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Tell Scholastic to Stop Sponsoring the Exploitation of Children

Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children asks: Why is Scholastic sponsoring KidPower 2002, "the best and biggest conference on marketing to youth"? Scholastic’s corporate credo calls for the creation of educational materials to teach children.

Last year, after protests from DADs and SCEC (Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children) coalition members, Scholastic dropped its sponsorship of the fourth annual Golden Marble Awards and industry conference on marketing to children. However, despite their responsible actions of 2001, Scholastic is sponsoring this year's KidPower 2002 conference in Orlando on May 5-8. Essentially, the issues for Scholastic are the same as they were for the Golden Marble Awards.

KidPower 2002 workshops include "Creating effective on-air messages for Pre-schoolers,” and "Tracking kid trends: the timeless and the timely” The workshops promise that participants will "Walk away with insight into virtually every aspect of kid life, from what they watch to what they eat; from what they play to what they wear; from their private spaces to their public amusements, from their role models to their aspirations to their fears. . ."

For the health of all our children, please join us in a principled stand against the escalating commercial exploitation of children and call for Scholastic to drop its’ affiliation with KidPower 2002 and any similarly focused future conferences. Send an e-mail at:

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