It Takes a Real Man
to Wear a Kilt (skirt)


"Steven Villegas has his work cut out for him. He's selling freedom from trouser tyranny in a culture that fears men in dresses...Utilitikilts"

Utilitikilts are a multi-functional kilt designed for working men. Extra pockets and a modesty snap between legs. Two exterior rear pockets. Two side mount saddle pockets, with "the Grip" retractable side hammer loop and front key loop. Patent Pending Wallet Grip rear pocket. Right side scraper/pencil pocket, heavy duty rivets at all major pocket stress points. 12 ounce Duc cloth. Fully pleated from bottom to top. Available in Neo-Traditional closure method only.

The Utilikilts Co. would like to thank the fates for weaving us such an interesting tapestry of media attentiveness. From the New York Times, to PBS, to the London Gaurdian, we have been fortunate to garner enough room on the page or the screen to get our message as clearly across as they will allow us. Sometimes that isn't very far. Other times we have simply refused to put out unless we know that we'll be represented fairly. One thing that all potential editors, producers and writers need to know, is that we refuse to comp Utilikilts to people who will provide us with 'good product placement. We will only be represented in the media by our customers.

  • Ben Brungraber, a senior engineer at Benson Woodworking in Walpole, New Hampshire, and one of the most recognized timber engineers in the country, wears a Utilikilt on the job.
  • Joe Germano, a Seattle marine biologist who owns an environmental consulting firm, says his best marketing idea was to designate a kilt as his company's official field uniform
  • There's a Workman's Kilt designed with tool pockets and loops for construction men and a Painter's Kilt - an alternative to those painter pants - for amateur and professional painters. Both kilts come with "modesty snaps" between the legs.

At the Utilikilts Company, something is always taking us by surprise, and consequently, we are constantly cooking up schemes to surprise you with. This is where it all comes together. We hope that you check this page every time you visit this site as it is always changing. Here you can learn about upcoming events on our Calendar, recent happenings in the Utilikilts Empire, or browse our Archives.

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Are you man enough to wear a utilikilt?

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