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why women need men
You think
Rape Is...
Coming Out Insurance
Dial Drunk
why women need men

What girls REALLY think when they're making love to you.


My Generation
For My Dad
Man's favorite Tool
Bad Day
at the Office
Kimmel takes on Gawker Stalker
Blue Man Group Stop Global Warming
Finally, a condom in my size!
I'm gonna have a baby!

Can you tell when your friend is in...
Boob Job
Saving 100 horses.
How to Shower Like a Woman
Chick Fights
Why men don't go to the doctor
No smoking in the bathroom
Uncle smokes weed with 2 and 5 year old nephews.

What you should know about Sexual Harassment
Literacy is cute
How not to get your ass kicked by the police
Sexual Consent
Men don't want to look at naked men.
Children See, Children Do
If chat rooms were real
The Modern Day Robin Hood
The Importance of the proper Car Seat properly installed.
Live Long Enough to Find the Right One
The Japanese take American's Funniest(?) Videos one big step beyond.
The Evolution of Beauty
Why do you wake up each day?
Back to School
Dealing with the Pain
The Paradox of Choice

Male Restroom Etiquette Plus Outtakes
Free Hugs
Why Men Don't Go to the Doctor
What happens when a cool cat takes LSD?

Reason to Wear a Condom
The Humbling Universe
or The universe's bald spot?
Need glasses?
Oral Sex Lecture
Buggle Magic - the Square Bubble
Moral Oral
Who Really Controls America?
Sexual Assault and the Role of Men
Ever been this drunk?

This YouTube shows a 17 year-old uncle giving pot to 2 and 5 year old. Are you agast? Think about the special law in Oregon that supports parents doing the same thing with their kids and alcohol. It's perfectly legal and their legislature sees nothing wrong with it.

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