Changing Men's Collection
Michigan State University

Virtually all of the books listed on this site were housed within The Men's Study, located North of Brookings, OR. After our founder had a stronk on March 3, 2014, he decided to sip ALL of his 6,000 plus men's library to the Changing Men's Collection. A smaller version of the Michigan State University logo next to a listing, indicates that they were not in The Men's Study but are housed in the Changing Men's Collection at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. For those interested in the Changing Men's Collection of serials and periodicals, vertical files (clippings, etc.), archive boxes, click here. For those interested in locating much of this information on microfilm, click here for page 1 and page 2. The following includes 258 books.

An Anthology of Poems: Many of which are used in the Warrior-Monk Training Retreat.1999. Private Printing. Not for sale.

The Written Connection: A communication system because kids love mail!! 1984 Expressions Unlimited.

Awakenings: A preliminary poll of circumcised men. Revealing the long-term harm and healing the wounds of infant circumcision. 1994. NOHARMM ISBN (NO)

Face-to-Face: An encounter with Christ workbook. 2000 Thomas Nelson. ISBN 0-8499-8826-8

How to Start a Men's Support Group in Prison. Inside Circle Foundation.

Promise Keepers Conference Edition 1996

White Ribbon Campaign: Organizer's Kit

White Ribbon Campaign. Education & Action Kit (U.S. Edition)

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Allister, Mark, ed., Eco-man: New perspectives on masculinity and nature. 2004. University of Virginia Press, ISBN 0-8139-2305-0

Altea, Rosemary. The Eagle and the Rose: A remarkable true story. 1995 Warner Books. ISBN 0-446-51969-3

Andelin, Aubrey, Man of Steel and Velvet: A Christian approach to the vital part the man plays in marital and family harmony. 1972 Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-23363-7

Andronico, Michael P. Editor. Men in Groups: Insights interventions psychoeducationalwork. 1996 American Psychological Association. ISBN 1-55798-326-7

Arendell, Terry. Fathers & Divorce. 1995 Sage Publications. ISBN 0-8039-7189-3

Arterburn, Stephen and Stoeker, Fred with Yorkey, Mike. Everyman's Battle: Every man's guide to winning the war on sexual temptation one victory at a time. 2000 Waterbrook. ISBN 1-57856-779-8

Arterburn, Stephen and Stoeker, Fred with Yorkey, Mike. Everyman's Battle Workbook: The path to sexual integrity starts here. A guide for personal or group study. 2002 Waterbrook. ISBN 1-57856-552-9

Atkinson, Paul, Epstein, David, Fowles, John, Hoyland, John, King, Francis, McVicar, John, Rawlence, Christopher, and Simon, David. Fathers and Sons. 1992. Serpent's Tale. ISBN 1-85242-203-3

Austin, Bobby William, What a Piece of Work is Man! A discussion of issues affecting African-American Men and Boys, 1992, W. K. Kellogg Foundation

Balls, Claude, Shy Men, Sex, & Castrating Women. 1985 Polemic Press. ISBN  (NA)

Barbeau, Clayton, Delivering the Male: Out of the tough-guy trap into a better marriage, 1982, Winston Press, ISBN 0-86683-642-X

Barton, Edward Read. A Qualitative Exploration of Participation in Men's Peer Mutual Support Groups: Beyond men hugging trees. 2003 (Dissertation for Degree)

Beausay, William II, Boys!: Shaping ordinary boys into extraordinary men. 1994. Thomas Nelson Publishers. ISBN 0-7852-7262-3

Beers, Portia, What Makes Men Tick. 1972. Aldus Books. ISBN  (NA)

Bem, Sandra Lipsitz. The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the debate on sexual inequality. 1993 Yale University Press. ISBN 0-300-05676-1

Benson, Dan, The Total Man: The way to confidence and fulfillment. 1982. Living Books. ISBN 0-8423-7289-X

Berkeley, Bud and Tiffenbach, Joe. Foreskin: It's past. It's present. And it's future. 1983. Book Printing. ISBN (NO)

Bernstein, Robert and Worth, Richard. Divorced Dad's Handbook: 100 questions and answers. 1995. Blue Bird. ISBN 0-933025-40-8

Betcher, R. William & Pollack, William S., In a Time of Fallen Heroes: The re-creation of masculinity. 1993. The Guilford Press. ISBN 0-89862-844-X

Biddulph, Steve, Manhood: A book about setting men free. 1994. Finch Publishing, ISBN 0-646-1303-0

Biddulph, Steve, Manhood: An action plan for changing men's lives. 2000, Hawthorn Press. ISBN 1-869890-99-X

Biddulph, Steve, Editor, Stories of Manhood: Journeys into the hidden hearts of men. 2000, Finch Publishing, ISBN 1-876451-10-6

Biler, Henry B. and Trotter, Robert J. The Father Factor: What you need to know to make a difference. 1994. Pocket Books. ISBN 0-671-79397-7

Berry, Patricia, Editor. Fathers Mothers. 1990. Spring Publications. ISBN 0-88214-344-1

Booth, Alan, Creouter, Ann C. Editors. Does it Take a Village? Community effects on children, adolescents, and families. 2001. Lawrence Erlbaum ISBN 0-8058-3243-2

Booth, Alan, Creouter, Ann C. Editors. Men in Families: When do they get involved? What difference does it make? 1998 Lawrence EWrlbaum. ISBN 0-8058-2539-8

Bowman, Ted. Working with Fathers: Methods and perspectives. 1992. Nu Ink Unlimited. ISBN 0-9633084-0-8

Boyle, Patrick. Scout's Honor: Sexual abuse in America's most trusted institution. 1994. Prima Publishing. ISBN 0-7615-0024-3

Briggs, Anne. Circumcision: What every parent should know. 1985. Birth and Parenting Publications. ISBN 0-9615484-0-1

Bright, Bill, Cole, Edwin, Dobson, James, Evans, Tony, McCartney, Bill, Palau, Luis, Phillips, Randy, and Smalley, Gary. Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper. 1994. Focus on the Family. ISBN 1-56179-222-5

Brod, Harry, Kaufman, Michael, editors, Theorizing Masculinities: Research of men and masculinities., 1994. Sage Publications. ISBN 0-8039-4904-9

Brown, Ian, Man Medium Rare: Sex, guns, and other perversions of masculinity. 1995, Penguin Group, ISBN 0-452-27449-4

Bucher, Gleen R., Editor, Straight White Male. 1976 Fortress Press. ISBN 0-8006-1209-4

Burke, Phyllis, Gender Shock: Exploding the myths of male & female. 1996 Anchor Books ISBN 0-385-47717-1

Bush, Russell. Affectionate Men: A photographic history of a century of male couples (1850's to 1950's) 1998. St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-18299-6

Caprio, Frank S. The Adequate Male. 1952. Medical Research Press. ISBN (NO)

Carruthers, Malcom. Maximizing Manhood: Beating the male menopause. 1997. HarperCollins, ISBN 0-7225-3532-5

Cassidy, Robert. What Every Man Should Know About Divorce. 1977. New Republic Books. ISBN 0-915220-25-3

Cath, Stanley H., Gurwilt, Alan, Gunsberg, Linda, Editors. Fathers & Their Families. 1989 Analytic Press. ISBN 0-88163-052-7

Chew, Peter, The Inner World of the Middle Aged Man: Meeting and facing the greatest challenge of your life. 1976, Macmillan Publishing. ISBN 0-02-525000-0

Christenson, Larry & Nordis. The Christian Couple: The same common sense and perceptive insight that made The Christian Family a million copy seller. 1977. Bethany Fellowship. ISBN 0-87123-053-4

Clatterbaugh, Kenneth. Contemporary Perspectives on Masculinity:  Men, women, and politics in modern society. 1997 Westview Press. ISBN 0-8133-2701-6

Clothier, Peter, While I am Not Afraid: Secrets of a man's heart. 1998. Inword Press. ISBN 1-56690-354-8

Colling, Terry, Beyond Mateship: Understanding Australian Men. 1992. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-7318-0264-0

Collins, Alfred. Fatherson: A self psychology of the archetypal masculine. 1994. Chiron Publications. ISBN 0-933029-75-6

Condon, Guy and Hazard, David. Fatherhood Aborted: The profound effects of abortion on men. 2001. Tyndale House Publishers. ISBN 0-8423-5423-9

Condrell, Kenneth N., with Small, Linda Lee. Be a Great Divorced Dad. 1998. St. Martin's Griffin. ISBN 0-312-15549-2

Cose, Ellis, A Man's World: How real is male privilege - and how high is its price? 1995, HarperCollins, ISBN 0-06-017206-1

Creighton, Allan, Kivel, Paul. Young Men's Work: Building skills to stop violence. A ten-session group program. 1995 Oakland Men's Project. Hazelden ISBN  (NO)

Dabbs, Reggie, Fortson, Thomas S, Garlington, Joseph L, McManus, Erwin, Record, Bob, Roever, Dave, Seaborn, Dan, Stier, Greg, Velasquez, Harold. The Awakening Experience: Promise Keepers. Integrity Publishing. ISBN 1-59145-377-1

Day, Randal D. and Lamb, Michael E. Conceptualizing and Measuring Father Involvement. 2004. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. ISBN 0-8058-4359-0

Devor, Holly. Gender Blending: Confronting the limits of duality. 1989. Indiana University Press. ISBN 0-253-20533-6

Dobson, Dr. James C., Straight Talk to Men: Recovering the biblical meaning of manhood.1995, W Publishing Group, ISBN 0-8499-4210-1

Dobson, Dr. James C., Straight Talk to Men: Timeless principles for leading your family. 1991. Multnomah Publishers. ISBN 0-59052-356-3

Dobson, Dr. James C., Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives, 1982, Word Books, ISBN 0-8499-0260-6

Doyle, James A., The Male Experience, 3rd edition, 1995. WCB Brown & Benchmark. ISBN 0-697-10458-3

Doyle, James A, Paludi, Michele A. Sex and Gender: The human experience. 1991. Wm. C. Brown. ISBN 0-697-05949-9

Dubbert, Joe I., A Man's Place: Masculinity in transition. 1979 Spectrum ISBN 0-13-552042-8

Dubrin, Andrew J. The New Husbands and how to become One. 1976. Nelson Hall. ISBN 0-88229-358-3

Duneier, Mitchell. Slim's Table: Racism, respectability and masculinity. 1992 University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0-226-17030-6

Duvall, Jeffrey with Churches, James. Stories of Men, Meaning and Prayer: The reconciliation of heart and soul in modern manhood. 2001 Four Directions Press. ISBN 0-9711423-0-0

Edley, Nigel and Wetherell, Margaret. Men in Perspective: Practice, power and identity. 1995 Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-433269-5

Ehrensaft, Diane. Parenting Together. Men and women sharing the care of their children. 1987. Free Press. ISBN 0-02-909440-2

Eldredge, John. Wild at Heart: Discovering the secret of a man's soul. 2004. Walker Large Print (Thomas Nelson) ISBN 1-59415-016-8

Eldredge, John. Wild at Heart: Field manual. 2002. Thomas Nelson Publishers. ISBN: 0-7852-6574-0

Elliott, Sonny. Mom, Dad, are You Listening? Enhance family communications and relationships while teaching your children leadership skills. 2000 SkyStone Publishing, ISBN 0-9648895-5-2

Elmore, Ronn. How to Love a Black Man: Give the love he needs, get the love you want, and create the relationship you both deserve! 1997 Waarner Books ISBN 0-446-67259-9

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