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Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention
What construction owners & supervisors must ask to create cultures promoting mental health awareness & suicide prevention (16 page PDF)
10 ACTION STEPS Companies Can Take to SAVE LIVES (25 page PDF)
Take an anonymous, confidential & free mental health screening
Evaluate & build mental health promotion & suicide prevention into the workplace
Understand the urgency to address suicide in construction
Uniting the Construction Industry Behind Suicide Prevention 1:31:09

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Construction is the number one industry for number of suicides and the number two industry in suicide rates. As such, it is an industry imperative to shatter the mental health stigma and create caring cultures within our companies.

CFMA’s journey to promote awareness of mental health and suicide prevention has covered much ground since CFMA’s 2015 Annual Conference, thanks to the tireless efforts of Cal Beyer and Sally Spencer-Thomas. They have published nearly a dozen articles, the first of which appeared in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of CFMA Building Profits, and spearheaded just as many presentations throughout the construction industry. April 2016 saw CFMA’s Valley of the Sun Chapter hosting the first regional summit on the topic, spurring on other CFMA Chapters to undertake similar initiatives.

To help focus these efforts, CFMA has established the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, with the goal of providing and disseminating information and resources for suicide prevention and mental health promotion in construction. Explore the beginnings of a movement to build a zero suicide industry here and in social media at #SuicidePreventionCFMA.

Interested in joining the Alliance, hosting a suicide prevention event, or receiving more information and resources? Click here to get started.