Good Time is a story about a pick up in a bar. It’s played out every night in thousands of cities around our country. She’s married, and even though he “scores”, he still feels empty. Sex makes us feel better, even if it's only a temporary fix. The chase and game of seduction can become a way of life. We fantasize and are constantly "on the make" in search of someone who can give us the relief we want. Pornography and the secret meetings that end up in bed make us feel alive and validated. If we can get someone else to "go all the way" with us, then we must be okay. As with other addictive behaviors, eventually we need larger more powerful doses.  

Good Time

I see that you're alone
Y'look like someone I once knew
I'm just a little drunk, but do you mind?
I hope I haven't blown
My chances here with you
What I'm about to say sounds like a line

Well, I've made it this far
I came out to have a good time,
And here you are,
I came out to have a good time
And would you like to share a glass of wine?
Cause I'm alone in here
And I came out to have a good time.

This elevator goes so slow
When you look at me that way
I'll ride up and see you to your door
First you tell me "No"
Then your husband's gone, you say,
Sure, you slip into something else, I can't think anymore

Chorus (And even though the evening's going fine)

I'm sorry if I hurt you
God, you kiss like silk and velvet
I'm dizzy and so light that I could fly
You're really good, you know
But I guess I'd better go
I don't know why it is, sometimes I cry

Chorus (And even though your body's holding mine,)

I came out, ... to have a good time.

Written by Peter Alsop, © 1976, Moose School Music (BMI)

*    *    *

Peter Alsop is a nationally known singer-songwriter, educator and humorist with a Ph.D. in educational psychology. He graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut and did his doctoral work at Columbia University's Teachers' College and Columbia Pacific University. He worked as the Director of The Harbor Schools Residential Treatment Center for emotionally disturbed adolescents in Maine and as a New York City elementary school teacher in the South Bronx ghetto.

Peter has produced nineteen audio recordings and seven videos and dvd's for which he consistently wins "Best Children's" awards from Parents' Choice and the Association For Independent Music. His songs are used daily by thousands of parents, educators and human service professionals to help families discuss sensitive issues. His "Wake Up" video with John Ritter helps families prevent child abuse and abduction. He's acted on stage and on television, directed a feature film, and performs extensively at conferences, festivals and concerts throughout the United States, Canada as well as hosting an annual training workshops at his Otter Space conference center in Northern California. He lives in Topanga, California with his wife, actress/director Ellen Geer, and their two daughters Willow and Megan. Contact: Moose School Productions, Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290 or 310-455-2318 or E-Mail or


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