Preventing Greed

Four ways to help ways to help your kids avoid the perils of catching the greed virus:

1. Make sure they are involved in something larger than themselves (a cause, a charity, a team project). You can start this as early as age 5-8. And if your kids are over 12 make it an imperative of family life.

2. Talk with them about the nature of greed and its downside consequences. Whether it's a conversation triggered by a problem with a friends or a storyline on television, discussing the consequences of greed is as important as talking about sex and drugs.

3. For their next birthday make one of their gifts a donation to a cause in their name-make them part of the decision about where the donation will go.

4. If you have a teen, help arrange an internship in a company that has a reputation for ethical and profitable practices-this will act as an antidote to the Enron/WorldCom stories they now hear.

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Some people think they are worth a lot of money just because they have it. - Fannie Hurst

Independent Means, Inc. sets the standard for innovative resources for Raising Financially Fit Kids. Your kids are developing views on money through your actions! This month, make a note to talk about hidden costs - the price of that trip or the car or club membership that DOESN'T show up on the price tag. Source:


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