How to Make the Ms. Foundation's Take Our Daughter's to Work Day® a Lasting Experience

Easy Plans for Impact and Discovery

The day's approaching, the young women are lined up, your company wants to make a difference for the next generation -- but what are you going to do? Edu-taining young people is not for the faint of heart! Independent Means offers a wide range of products which will ensure your day is interesting, entertaining, and informative. Visit our Online Store for more information on obtaining the materials to put these great ideas to work on the big day!

Tips for Great Days with Kids

Get experiential. This is not a passive generation. Get them involved and don't let well meaning members of the staff talk "at them."

Take them seriously. Have you watched "Dawson's Creek" lately? These young people are worldly, if not yet wise and respect is more important than almost anything to them.

Give them a 'take away': knowledge, on-going activity, or mind-ticklers.

Things To Do:

Network Bingo: Introduce them to one another and your staff with this fast action game. Gets them talking, breaks the ice, and sets the tone for the rest of the day. (Free with an order from IMI's Online Store) 15-20 min. good for any number.

Annual Report Scavenger Hunt: Want them to get to know your company but don't want to make them watch an endless series of slides? This game, available in BizBuzzTM is a great interactive way to give them a look at the company, help them develop some business vocabulary, and provide a context for the day. 30 min. Work in teams of 2-4

Bankrupt! Available in BizWordTM, this game is a great way to introduce jargon or words specific to your industry or business without making the kids feel self-conscious about words you may use they don’t understand. 15-20 min. Any size group.

Don't forget to give them a break -- remember the entire day may feel like an overload of information and stimulation. Make sure you have fruit, water, & juices available to keep their energy up!

Hot Company™ - The Money Game with Attitude!

Anyone who has ever dreamt of "being the boss" can experience the thrill of running a company and finding solutions that will lead to success, by playing this exciting new board game. Up to four people or four teams can play.Each is the "owner" of a hot new company. Roll the die, pick a card, and you're in business! The object of the game is to get your company to turn a profit and have a great time. Hot Company develops skills that work in the real world as well. Ages 12 to 92.

Product in a Box™

This is an especially effective activity if you want to demonstrate what it takes to make a product, think about how to get that product to market, and want to offer a fun, hands on activity. (Lucent & Digital Equipment use this with their own employees! Great stimulus to creativity!). 60 minutes, includes time to "show & tell." Kids work in teams of 6, works with up to 100 in a group; for greater numbers we recommend paralell or serial sessions.

Women Who Dare

This video is both inspirational and a great catalyst for discussion and imagination. Co-hosted by two young women--this is a look at women in business that girls 13 and over can relate to. Makes a great introduction to Product in a Box™ 45 minutes for screening and discussion.

An Income of Her Own Workshop

This five hour program is a complete package of activities designed to high school age girls to economic issues and economic literacy. Works with 100-500 girls. Email us for more information.

Coaching Mentors

We've seen that it's as important to brief the folks involved in welcoming young people to the workplace as it is to engage the kids. These products and programs are designed to make the in-house mentoring experience a long term investment in the next generation of employees. Send your staff home with the tools to extend the impact of TODTW Day throughout the year.

Economic Wisdom for the Next Generation: An Economic Mentoring Kit Includes a video, workbook and book mark to facilitate activities and shared learning between the generations. Good for one on one mentoring as well as group situations.

No More Frogs to Kiss: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls This easy to use handbook is full of 99 activities that that are great for post visit events, strategies to recruit young people for your industry, and thought provoking actions for making work policies that help us educate the next generation.

Parent Coaching Workshops: Raising Money Smart Daughters Family friendly companies give employees access to the tools and methods they need to raise money smart kids. Make this workshop available to employees while their children are engaged in the day -- help them develop strategies for building on this very special day -- and leverage the investment you make in their daughters. Email us for more information.

Other Resources

New Moon: Money - Part of the New Moon book series by and for girls 9-13. Provides a comprehensive introduction to money issues with a strong emphasis on following your dreams and taking charge of your economic future. Order at 800.381.4743. Visit New Moon on line at

New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams - Edited by and for girls 8-14. A place for girls to explore themselves, their dreams and the larger world. No advertising! Six issues/year $29. Order at 800.381.4743. Visit New Moon on line at

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Some people think they are worth a lot of money just because they have it. - Fannie Hurst

Independent Means, Inc. sets the standard for innovative resources for Raising Financially Fit Kids. Your kids are developing views on money through your actions! This month, make a note to talk about hidden costs - the price of that trip or the car or club membership that DOESN'T show up on the price tag. Source:


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