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Carey Roberts is a social commentator on political correctness, which he probes and lampoons. His work has been published frequently in the Washington Times,,,, Intellectual Conservative, and elsewhere. He is a staff reporter for the New Media Network. You can contact him at E-Mail 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 & Before



Abuse Bill Betrays Victims, Subsidizes a Radical Agenda
Abuse Excuse: How Liberalism Keeps Women in their Place
Abuse Industry Teaches Women to Fear Men, Teaches Men to Fear Women
Abuse Shelter Watchdogs: See No Evil, Speak No Evil
ACORN Falls from the Tree, Will Abuse Shelters Come Next?
Alice-in-Wonderland Justice at the DoJ
Climategate, Mediagate, and Abusegate
Cover-Up: No Cause for Worry at Florida Abuse Shelters
Culling Out the Population, the Enlightened Liberal Way
Does Feminism Portend the Rise of a New Master Race?
The Exploitation of the Mentally Ill by Abuse Shelters
Feminists Endowed with a Superiority Complex
Feminism the Greatest Evil: The Repudiation of Life
$4 Billion Abuse Industry Rooted in Deceptions and Lies
Giving it the Old College Try
Hope House Shelter Denies Woman the Help She ‘Desperately Needed’
How to Argue with a (Guilty) Liberal
Judge KOs Shelter Kickback Scheme
Justice Official Gives Thanks for Bias and Bigotry
Liberals, Want to Hoodwink a Conservative? Here’s How…
Margaret Sanger: Birth Control Pioneer and Feminist-Fascist
The McNair Affair: Don’t Call it ‘Domestic Violence’
NYT Decrees, Women ‘Better Managers’ than Men
Obama’s Betrayal of the Working-Class Male
Obama’s First Cover-Up: The Gender Wage Gap Myth
Obama Women’s Council Tells its First Lie
Please, No Neckties for Father’s Day!
Rep. Joe Wilson Calls Out the Liberal Lies
SAFE Act: Abuse Industry Batters the Truth
Shattering Rampant Abuse Myths
Sonia Sotomayor: Supreme Misandrist?
Sun Spots on Nancy’s Brain?
The Supreme Court Nominee Who Can’t Write
Turning the State Against Law-Abiding Citizens
Voices from the Grave, Betrayed by a Restraining Order
Wailing Women of NOW Descend on the Emerald City of O
Well-Heeled Abuse Shelter Implicated in NYC Housing Scam
White House Council on Men and Boys: The Right Thing to Do


The ABA Goes Over to the Dark Side
Abortionists’ Latest Ruse: Claim to be Against DV
Abuse Shelter Head Turns to Violence and Abuse
American Heart Association Plays a Cruel Trick on Women
Another Way Shelter Headed for a Meltdown?
Another Way Shelter, Where the Inmates are Running the Asylum
At Abuse Shelters, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Bigotry and Contempt at Taxpayer Expense
Do Female Politicians Represent an ‘Ethical and Pure’ Force?
Domestic Violence Industry: Criminal
Domestic Violence Industry: Hateful
Domestic Violence Industry: Racist
Embittered Hillary Screams Sexism
Father Knows Best
Few Women in Abuse Shelters are True Victims of Violence
Gutless Heart Association Tells Lies that Harm Women
Harsh Domestic Violence Laws Recall Jim Crow Abuses
Hillary Clinton, Feminist-at-Large
Hillary Clinton’s Messiah Complex
Hillary’s Pity-Pot Politics
Hillary’s Scheme to Revamp the Traditional Family
Hillary Unleashes Her Inner Macho
How Abuse Shelters Teach Women to Game the System
HRC: ‘Shame on You, Barack Obama’
The Intellectual Perversion of the VAWA Mafia
Key to Presidential Win? White Males
Liberals Indifferent to the AIDS Time-bomb
McCain Lampoons the Gender Wage Gap Myth
Moms, Don’t Take Your Kids to an Abuse Shelter
My Wife Became Legal and I Became Illegal
No Place for Blind Woman at Womencare
No Room for Men at the Abuse Shelter, but Fido can Tag Along
Now We Know, Marriage is Cost-Effect
Obama Hitches his Wagon to the Radical Feminist Agenda
The Sad Spectacle of Dee Dee Myers
SafeNet Shelter Director Ordered to Stay Away from Kids
Sexism Rife Within the Democratic Party
Shield Foundation Shelter Shakedown
Sex, Lies, and Datatapes of the Partner Abuse Industry
The Sexual Exploitation of Women in Abuse Shelters
The White Male Vote Swung the Democratic Race
White Men Give Hillary a Lesson in Realpolitick
Who Killed Millie Almore at the SafeSpace Shelter?
Winners of the Coveted 2007 Award for Political Incorrectness
Women Avoid Abuse Shelters Like the Plague


AAUW’s Fuzzy Math an Insult to Working Women
A Brave Dad Battles Parental Alienation
Are Female Politicians Other-Centered?
CEDAW and I-VAWA: Double-Trouble for Families
The Deadliest Catch: A Tale of Exceptional Men
Dems Ignore White Men at their Peril
The Disgrace of CNN’s Nancy Grace
The Disgrace of the Duke 88
Does Hillary Clinton Pass the Kitchen Test?
Equal Pay for Equal Work at Wimbledon?
Fathers, The Third Victim of the Abortion Industry
First Lady Should Tell the Truth about Heart Disease
Foul Emanations from the U.N.
The Gender Card
The GOP’s Betrayal of the Pro-Family Agenda
Hillary Flips over her Debate Flop
Hillary’s Gender War
How the Grand Old Party Lost its Mojo
How the G.O.P. Can Get its Mojo Back
Katie Soon to Get the Ax
Lots of Lucre in False Claims of Abuse
Love Song to the Son I Never Knew
Lynch Mob Fever at Duke University
Massive Human Rights Abuses in the Name of Stopping Abuse
Matriarchs, Pop Tarts, and Unparented Children
Men Aren’t Couch Potatoes, After All
Men: Last Great Hope of the Republican Party
Misandry in the Least Likely of Places
More ERA Malarkey
Nancy Pelosi’s Power Trip
Nancy Pelosi, Queen of Hubris
Pelosi Proclaims Women as “Peacekeepers of our Societies”
The Rehabilitation of Astronaut Lisa Nowak
Sen. Biden in Denial about Female Violence
Twilight Zone Politics at the UN
Until Proven Innocent: Cultural Marxism at Duke
VAWA Casts a Long Shadow over the Duke Fiasco
Winner of the Coveted 2006 Award for Political Incorrectness
Women Above the Law?
Yikes! 695 Days to the Election, and Brickbats Are Flying!


Alito Hearings Bring Fathers Back into the Abortion Debate
Black Families, Black Men
Black Men, Soul Brothers
Blame it on the Patriarchy
Breaking the Hearts of Men
Bush Needs to Rein in Feminist Operatives
Child Support Gold-Diggers
Cleavage Candidates and the Politics of Gender
Comic Relief from the World Health Organization
The Day the Matriarchy Came to Power
Don't Marry a Career Woman: The Debate Heats Up
Double-Standards Cripple the Fight against Terrorists
Family Make-Over Ponzi Scheme
Fathers No Longer Cost-Effective?
Feminine Mystique or Feminine Mistake?
The Feminization of Poverty? There You Go Again, Hillary!
The Feminist Anti-Kid Crusade
Feminist Infiltration into the Conservative Ranks?
Feminist Scheme for U.N. Reform
The Femocrats
From Bias to Bigotry: CBS News goes into Free-Fall
Gender Newspeak at Newsweek
Half-Truths about Human Trafficking
Harassment Hysteria Threatens Military Morale
Has Matriarchy made the Sexes Equal?
Is Feminism a Mental Disorder?
Joe Biden's Weird Sense of Chivalry
The Kiss-and-Accuse Capers
Legal Services Corporation Turns its Back on Men
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics at UNICEF
The M.O.M. Squad Capers
No Need to Keep Rape Accuer's Name a Secret
Playing Politics with the Federal Fatherhood Initiative
Restraining Order Madness
Scaring the Wits out of Women
The Silence of the Wedding Bells
Twelve-Step Feminist Cure
Uppity Men
VDay: Until the Hysteria Stops
With Feminized Men, Who will Fight the War on Terror?
Who's Afraid of Carol Gilligan?
A Woman can do Anything a Man can do (Well, almost)
Women Good, Men Bad
Women's Health Hoax
Women who Treat Women as Sex Objects

2005 & Before

Achieving Feminist Class Consciousness
Afraid to Say What We Think
All Hail to the Panderer-in-Chief
Another Scandal Brewing at the U.N
Bad-Girl Culture Goes Chic
Bethany House of Virginia, An Abuse Shelter Out of Control
Bias Suit Reveals the Truth Behind the 'Boy Crisis'
Breaking the Hearts of Men
Chivalrous Men and the Victim-Princess Comple
Comic Relief from the World Health Organization
Dissing Dads
Don’t Use Mediation for Divorce
Double-Standard Treatment for Child Abusers
Equality for Men and Fathers - What a Concept!
Fathers the Fall-Guy in the Abortion Debate
Feminine Virtue Take a Beating at Abu Ghraid
Feminism Is Reactionary
Feminist Cover-Up Means Billion-Dollar Taxpayer Shake-Down
The Feminist Subversion of the Gender System
Fem-Think and the Civil Rights of Men
The First Female President: The Fantasy and the Reality
Florida Abuse Shelter Scandal
The Follies of Child Support: Dead-Beat or Dead-Broke?
Gender: Good Riddance, Farewell
Girlie-Man, Next Leader of the Free World?
A Government Program is No Substitute for a Bear-Hug
The Grinches Who Would Steal Marriage
All Hail to the Panderer-in-Chief
Heresy of the Maternal Instinct
Hillary Plays the Female Supremacist Card
How Female Illegals Abuse the System
How We will Cure the Radical Feminist Cancer?
IMBRA: Anatomy of a Feminist Hoax
In Honor of the Heroes of Flight 93
It's Boo-Hoo Time at Abortion Central
Jessica Lynch and the Neo-Com Revolution
Jim Crow Days for Men
Karl Marx and the Gender Wage Gap
Karl Marx's Prescription for Women's Liberation
Kerry Embraces the Radical Feminist Agenda
Kobe Bryant: Alice-in-Wonderland Justice
Kofi's Resignation Won't Cure the AIDS Epidemic
Ladies, Want Job Security? Just Scream ‘Abuse!’
Lady....Or the Tramp?
The Laura Bush We Don't Know
The Leftist-Feminist Brief Against Nominee Roberts
The Lives That Are Destroyed (Items In My Mail)
Long Live the Matriarchy!
Looking to Make Good Money? Why Not Abuse Shelters!
Martha Burk Declares a Holy War on Corporate America
Martha Stewart Plays the Chivalry Card
Men Feeling Blue on February the Fourth
Men: Stand Aside. The Rad-Fems are Set to Win the Culture War
Misandrist Marriage Movement
MS. Information: Making Women Angry and Afriad
NASCAR Dads and Soccer Moms Join Forces, But at What Cost?
New Abuse Bill will have Employers Paying through the Nose
New Catholic Patriarch may Derail Hillary's White House Plans
New Media Claims Bragging Rights in Rathergate Flap
NIH: Where Political Correctness is Sickening
Oh my! Women's Groups are Excluding Me
Olympic Media Misfire
Orwellian State at the UN Women's Conference
Outing the Feminist "Great Lie"
Party-Poopers at the UN Birthday Bash
Patriarchal Power or Marxist Mischief?
PBS Propaganda Piece
The Pink Pussy-cat Bares Her Fangs
The Politics of Social Destruction at the US
Pronouncement of Bias at the Washington Post
Purveyors of Deceit: Why PBS must Yank "Breaking the Silence"
Radical Feminist on the U.S. Supreme Court
Rape, Hysteria, Redux
A Rash of Feminist Hate Speech
Ready for the Next Wave of Sex Abuse Hysteria?
Restraining Orders for Abusive Grandmas?
The Rise of Big Sister-ism
Rise of the Feminist Propaganda State
Senator Biden's Biggest Lie
Soft Totalitarians on the Loose at the UN
So, is Radical Feminism a Socialist Front?
Something Amiss in the United Nations' Gender Health Agenda
The Sun of Feminism Shines Brightly in Socialist Europe
Supreme Hysteria
Told to Act Like a Girl
Un-constitutional VAWA Law Helped by a Propaganda Ploy
Unequal Pay for Equal Work?
The Unfolding AIDS Scandal at the UN
UN Resolution 1325: The World Body goes on a Loony Streak
The Untold Story of Betty Friedan
VAWA Law Polarizes the Sexes, Weakens the Family
VAWA: Making Divorce Easy, Profitable and Fun
Whatever Happened to Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?
When the Sisterhood Rules the World: Th Sad Tale of UNICEF
When Family Dissolution becomes the Law of the Land
Where have all the Young Men Gone?
White Males Hot Demographic for the 2004 Elections
Why are Lesbians Marching for Abortion Rights?
Will the NASCAR Dads Tilt the Election?
Winner of the Covented 2005 Award for Political Incorrectness
Winner of the Coveted 2004 Award for Political Incorrectness
Women Fleeing the Feminist Fold
Women Lose when Feminists Bash
Women's Birth-Right Under Attack by Fem-Socialists
Women Still Unequal before the Law
Women Victimized by Feminist Fables
Women Who Batter, Proudly
Women Who Make Things Worse for Other Women
Wonderful, Wacky World of Fem-Speak
Yes, Fathers Are Essential

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