Bleeding out alone due to political correctness

Barbara Kay: First, kill the husband. Second, claim sympathy as a widow from the June 14, 2010 Canada’s National Post

Most of you have probably already read the article, but I was actually present in the courtroom in a similar case, here in Yuma a few years ago.

I’d volunteered to show up in place of the family of the late Bill Kirkham, who was beaten with a lamp and left to bleed out as his live-in, Margo, walked her dogs and chatted with friends on the phone.

He was found by his AA sponsor the next morning.

By the time the Yuma court got around to sentencing his murderer, Bill’s family was fatigued in their very souls and like so many others, battered by the system. They’d been treated by local LEOs as family of an abuser from the get-go, which is where I came in.

My job was just to observe and report, while giving these good people a bit of peace, because they had no idea what that day would bring.

So I went, and was truly astonished to hear this violent, remorseless woman attempt some kind of throwing herself on the mercy of the court thing — because she was a widow!!!

Even the judge did a double take.

She got three years, and our local paper located her kids in Florida, who was glad that judge put their mother away. The article of the time didn’t elaborate, but can you even imagine how abusive she must’ve been to her own children?

It’s really not forward-looking or helpful in any way to continue to pretend that only men abuse, only woman are victims.

It only enriches the hatemongers who claim they have the ultimate solution for domestic violence — to the tune of multiple billions of dollars each year.

Meanwhile, men like Bill Kirkham are left alone to bleed out, and no one will help them.

©2010, Trudy W. Schuett

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Trudy W. Schuett is an Arizona-based online veteran with 10 years in cyberspace; an author and multiblogger. She has held workshops on blogging, writing, and promo for writers at the New Communications Forum and Arizona Western College, and has participated in world blogging events such as Global PR Blog Week. She is also an advocate for unserved victims of domestic violence. She is is the author of three novels, two how-to books and eight blogs. Note: Books are currently out of print, but two appear in blog form. She currently publishes New Perspectives on Partner Abuse at She has a video at her site that provides a look into the circumstance of a few men. Entitled, Husband Beaters It is in five parts and was part of the Secret Lives of Women series on the WE network. She publishes the AZ Rural Times and New Perspectives on Partner Abuse , she is on Twitter and Facebook She lives in Yuma AZ, with her husband, Paul. or E-Mail.

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