The naked truth about domestic violence

Here in a few points:

It is now, and has always been, an equal-opportunity problem. Almost anyone regardless of gender or marital status, can be affected.

What we think we know about partner abuse has been radically altered and colored by people with political and economic ambitions.

In the US, we spend an amount equal to the Canadian military budget on this issue. This funds not practical solutions, but only those people mentioned above.

While there has never been any “epidemic” of partner abuse, there has been an epidemic of anti-male and anti-family sentiment. Again, to benefit those above.

Those in charge of today’s domestic violence industry fight long and hard to resist change, even though our society is quite different than when the approaches still in use today were invented by self-styled political activists of the 1960s.

There was never any objective, scientific study of the issue before those same people (yet again) started devising their story of partner abuse, which despite the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever, has become the national norm.

Bottom Line: It is only about people keeping their jobs; no matter whether their services properly served their communities. OR NOT.


The political activists of the 1960s are still in charge, and all your tax dollars do is cut more checks for the old girls who don’t know the ‘60s are over. Or they already have their beach house in Maui and don’t give a flying flamingo what happens to those idiots in the world with no influence.

Yes, there are countless challenges to the New Perspectives approach. Not one with any objective merit, sadly. Mostly what the proponents of the old-style divorce/jail approach do is cast aspersions on the character of the person objecting to their ideas.

Their ideas would have been considered a bizarre, flimsy, non-approach had it been proposed in say, 2000 instead of 1970whatever. (Don’t ask me why it took Congress until the 1990s to codify the nonsense into law. But, it’s still all about times past.)

Politics aside, meanwhile real people need help. So where are they going to get it?

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women.


You need to go to the Pepsi Challenge site and vote! DAHMW is the only nationwide org that helps male victims. Yes, they also help female abusers, too. They know abuse is not a gender issue.

It’s a family issue.

Simple common sense tells us that even if only one individual is targeted for abuse, it still affects the whole family anyway.

How many people remember Dad or Mom being really mean to their brother or sister? How many remember Dad or Mom hurting Dad or Mom?

Sometimes abusers focus on one individual in the family.

Yet the rest of the family still knows about it.

You know this is true. You’ve known families like that, almost for sure.

Do you think it would help any family you know to send Dad or Mom to jail, or for the kids to have to go live in a facility away from their house and school?

Could you imagine that would be the only solution offered?

But it is.

Please support the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

Help a family stay together.

©2010, Trudy W. Schuett

*    *    *

Trudy W. Schuett is an Arizona-based online veteran with 10 years in cyberspace; an author and multiblogger. She has held workshops on blogging, writing, and promo for writers at the New Communications Forum and Arizona Western College, and has participated in world blogging events such as Global PR Blog Week. She is also an advocate for unserved victims of domestic violence. She is is the author of three novels, two how-to books and eight blogs. Note: Books are currently out of print, but two appear in blog form. She currently publishes New Perspectives on Partner Abuse at She has a video at her site that provides a look into the circumstance of a few men. Entitled, Husband Beaters It is in five parts and was part of the Secret Lives of Women series on the WE network. She publishes the AZ Rural Times and New Perspectives on Partner Abuse , she is on Twitter and Facebook She lives in Yuma AZ, with her husband, Paul. or E-Mail.

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