So here it is, July. That's when we have fireworks and picnics and sunshine and all that summery stuff.

Put on your sunscreen.

If you have kids around, observe their joy.

Look at a tiny child's face, watching fireworks bursting overhead in sparkling colors of gold, pink and green that shimmer and float gently down and dissolve...

That kid's not thinking about when he tripped and skinned his knee earlier, or having to go to bed tonight... he's taking in the magical splendor of seeing mysterious and fantastic colors in the sky.


He jumps up and down when he hears the big "boom!" Aaaaahhhh.....

His eyes become enormous and round, and his pupils enlarge in the darkness between the fireworks.

The colors are reflected in his sparkling eyes. Oooh..

He smells the smoke in the air, and all that his senses are taking in create lots of cool little events happening in his brain.

He is fulfilled with joy and wonderment, and nothing else in the world matters to him at this moment.

Kids can teach us a whole lot about life that we forgot.

We get busy and worried and cluttered and forget to just live in the present for awhile.

This summer be aware of pleasant things

like the simple comfort of warm sunshine on your back and the salty smell of the ocean breeze if you're near the ocean.

Melt into the sweet icy cold sensation of a chocolate milk shake, or see how far you can spit a watermelon seed.

Listen to the birds' chirping mingled with the sound of kids laughing and playing in the park.

Get on your knees and look into the grass, at a child's eye level...or better yet, a turtle's eye level!

Observe the complex communities of insects doing whatever they do.

Far too exciting to miss... really!

Blow soap bubbles and watch them drift in the air in perfect spheres of swirling transparent rainbow colors.

What could be better than that!

Enjoy this moment.

And blow a bubble for me, too.

©2011, Mary Lou St. Lucas

*    *    *

Mary Lou St. Lucas is a former stay-at-home mom who has participated in custody and divorce-related support groups. She often speaks out through impassioned letters to local newspapers regarding issues affecting quality of life for children and families. She has experienced divorce, including the heartbreaking decision to give up daily contact with her two sons for what she believed was their best interest at that time, as well as the societal stigma attached to being a non-custodial mother. She emphasizes the importance of kids having BOTH parents in their lives on a regular basis, even if the parents cannot or will not be married anymore. She hopes other parents will see that there may be alternatives to the standard custody arrangements, depending on the individual situation. She writes from her perspective of today instead of revisiting and dwelling on the painful emotions of her past. She strives to live a full life in spite of a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and believes a sense of humor is mandatory. mlstuff.blogspot.com/2007/08/male-bashing-t-shirts.html or E-Mail.

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