Grace and the Healing Warm
Test this, never mind if you can’t do it right away: Close your eyes and get into a really deep mediation and then when ready start to think of love, breathe love to people you know from deep inside your delicate humanity the pure soul, and sustain that for a few minutes. If you are sensitive you will see wave after wave of rose-colored energy coming from a dimension that is at 90° to your right, they cross your line of sight right-to-left. You are watching grace flow towards you.

It is there even if you can’t see it. In every waves that passes you is information, mind boggling amounts of it, massive, in those waves is the entire history of every human that has ever lived in the past, who they were, what they did, when they died, who they loved, who they hated, all of it. In the waves is the galactic topography and details of a trillion universes, and in it is also is the sweet story of how one drop of water is making its way gradually from a Himalayan peak to the Indian Ocean.

In that wave is your story, whether you succeed in the end against all odds, or did you fail? Of course, the answer to that is not cast in stone until you die.

As an experiment switch to sentiments of hatred and disdain and you will noticed the waves of energy stop from the right and they come in from the left side instead. The left-side waves are more black and grey, and they have a slightly harder more defined edge to them than the right-side ones, whose leading edge is more diffused. This is a critical realization.

When I discovered this I decided to generate the hate waves and allow them to come in and then I changed my mind to love to see what might happen. As you flip your thoughts from hate to love a triangle appears at the leading edge of the left-side hate waves and it disturbs the leading edge of hate waves, they hesitate for a split second stuttering in the center of your vision and then they retreat, stage left, from whence they came. Seconds later the right-side waves recommence.

We know there is a celestial dimension at 90 degrees to us. Some see it to the right, others to the left, sometimes men and women have sides switched in the Morph, that is normal, but whichever side you see the celestial that is where the love waves come from and the hate ones come from the opposite side. What is fascinating is that the waves are rolling in from one side or the other pretty much all the time when you are in your feelings.

They operate as an oscilloscope showing you your inner sentiments as a waveform. You can see how coldness and hate make you sick, there are distinct adverse black-grey waves coming into your system, and why love heals for the same reason—ebb and flow. The waves seem to slow down or stop completely when you are just daydreaming, or when thinking hard on a technical thing, problem-solving say. So that might explain why people who over-think for a living that are obsessed with the glory of their mind have little or no assistance coming in from the celestial, so maybe that explains why they become grey and ghoulish and pasty-looking—lack of God Force.

Let me explain. The human heart beats to the tune of its desires and those desires are often discordant and off-set to the pulse of the Universe, and the ebb and flow of the eternal Tao. That cuts you off and isolates you. That isolation is a dis-grace, a lack of grace. The punishment for cold feelings and isolation from humanity and the animals is lack of pure information and common diseases like rheumatism and arthritis and of course cancer, which is a cold disease. Karma is perfectly precise there are no innocent victims.

It is the healing warm that keeps you safe.