The Lamb of God
The Lamb of God is mentioned in Revelations. It is said to take away the sins of the world. The Christians see it as offering an effortless redemption like the Catholic system of confession. You tell your sins to a priest and then say a few "Hail Mary's" and a few "Our Fathers", and your shadow is wiped clean, and you are made whole for you to sin again. If you are blessed by a good priest, it would certainly help you a bit, but the shadow can't be wiped clean effortlessly, nor can the Lamb of God wipe away people's sins individually one-by-one, or it would have to be here for eons and eons. As I see it, the Lamb is delicate and frail and very celestial, it can't stick around here too long, before it would become unwell and unable to escape back to its dimension. Just coming here is an immense act of sacrifice and compassion.

The symbolism of the Lamb is a way of speaking of the selflessness of the sacrificial lambs that were slaughtered and offered up (needlessly) in the temple in Jerusalem. It comes from the idea that someone, an animal, a being perhaps, will suffer the pain of your sins in order to remove them for you. All pain creates a stain that lasts sometimes hundreds of years, like a black cloud that hangs over a battlefield say. For the Renewal to take place, those clouds of pain have to be removed, and the earth left clean of the memory of cruelty, massacres and torture. That is one of the functions of the Lamb of God, removing the sins of the world by wiping away the black clouds of past pain and torment.

When the Lamb arrived, it started first with the pain of the animals, which obviously was the most important thing to it, carcasses piled high as a small mountain, billions of animals that died in agony to feed the gluttony of humanity; stags heads mounted on plaques that cried tears of blood on the walls, and all so behemoths can wobble around Wal-Mart buying junk and feeding their faces to the point their eyes become so podgy, they can hardly see out, eventually to become so fat, they can't even reach round and wipe their bottoms properly anymore. The piercing scream of this injustice was heard throughout eternity; it was ugly, disgusting really, it took the Lamb working every day for five months to clear that dark cloud of humanity's indifference.

Then it worked on humans things. For example, the Russian Gulags was the name of a government department that oversaw the labor camps in Siberia and other places in Russia. Political prisoners and dissidents were sent to the camps, where they were tortured and mistreated in terrible freezing conditions, as described in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's, "The Gulag Archipelago." The gulags were Stalin's cruel idea. They existed from 1921-1953. Between five million and seven million people were sent to the camps. About ten percent died there. Of course, people didn't usually have a trial, they were just denounced, sometimes for as little as making an anti-government joke.

For the Lamb of God to remove that, it had to feel the pain of those victims and watch and understand the cruelty of the system, and it had to comprehend the indifference of the guards that would stand by, as people froze or starved to death. It had to wash away the tears of all those relatives and friends that knew their loved ones were in a wretched state of despair. The pain of such things stretches deep and wide inside many people's hearts, many of whom are now dead, as well as the millions of the prisoners that were incarcerated, whose memories linger on even after death. So the block of energy (agony) that was the Gulags is excruciating in its extreme. The Lamb had to know and feel that and suffer it all, in order to remove it. That particular task took the Lamb eleven hours and many tears of sadness to complete, the power and the sacred nature of the pristine Lamb eventually wiped away the stain of the Russian Gulags. Its coat was covered in blood.

One day, the Lamb worked on the terror of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. Children's eyeballs melted in their sockets, so they staggered around blind in excruciating pain, terrified and lost, to die in the street in a sad and lonely way, separated from their parents and caretakers. Entire human bodies were found embedded in brick walls, and many corpses were later found naked, their clothes and their skin having been stripped from them by the blast. The anguish of Hiroshima was acute, as it all happened so fast and unrepentantly. There was never any remorse or apology from the Americans, so it stood as an act of extreme cruelty against unarmed civilians and children that were non-combatants in the war.

The Lamb entered that point and time in history August 6th, 1945 and became the victims and their burns and their screams of terror, and their bloody eye sockets, and after four hours, the Lamb was satisfied it knew it all—it could intimately feel the tragedy of that place and its people, as if it had actually been there on that day—and so it could then humbly bow and leave Hiroshima, its job complete, its compassion delivered. A while later, the black cloud of the past pain dissipated, and it all went quiet, it was peacefully restored once more to its natural balance.

At a faster more rarefied level of existence than ours, where dimensions rotate to higher and higher complexities through an immense inner hyperspace, it is possible to have two or more incarnations at once. So, you could be in the magical forest with the black unicorns in your hyper-space identity and still be on earth at the same time as a human. So, the Lamb is a sacred being, a multidimensional being, an important identity in the pantheon of the Gods, but it is also a human here on earth, and that human was in the Redeemer's Club.

When I first realized the Lamb of God that is sometimes seen in the Aluna, that is also mentioned in Revelations, is in fact a human, I got a bit worried, as I feared I had made a mistake in my perception of it all, but a few days later, the Beings came in and told me I was completely correct. And a week or so ago, they gave me instructions to write about it, hence this first article on it. Essentially the Lamb of God is an icon and artifact of great benevolence that you can align to in the Aluna mirror words.

Then something very strange and beautiful happened. The Lamb of God's pious dedication started to jump to other people in the Redeemer's Club, and soon there were five of us that had agreed somehow, somewhere in the Aluna, at the edge of some ancient battle ground, to accept the sacred pain here in our bodies. Anyone can be the Lamb of God, if one has the benevolence, and one is able to accept the pain. It is an etheric pain, a dull ache deep inside your body, for which there is no medical treatment. Jesus said of himself, "I am the way, the truth and the light." And so are you, if you will take to the purity and love of humanity required.

It is all there for us to accept, depending on how wide we can become, how much we can let down and surrender, and how hard we are prepared to work. I've trained so many people to arrive in this multi-dimensional hyperspace of divinity and spirituality I speak of. But they are not famous, nor are they punting their stuff at the New Age conference, they walk the streets in silence with a power greater than ever seen before.

You should consider it. You might have the power to pull it off.