Piety and Sorrow
With sensitivity comes perception, and with perception comes pain. The agony of the animals and the pain of the humans wafts across the street, and it makes you feel sad, and it lodges in your bones, because it knows you can ameliorate it and release it for humanity.

Humans can very rarely remove their own pain, except temporarily with medication, illegal drugs or alcohol, because they don't usually know the cause of it. They take their pain very seriously, so that gives it an extraordinary grip on them, one that they don't know how to release. It commands their life. The ghouls ride the pain and promote it, be it emotional mental anguish or real physical pain in the body. The ghouls like inflicting pain. They fire it at you from the Aluna, because of their hatred for humanity. We have something the ghouls no longer have — we still have a chance. We can escape, they can't.

Piety and sorrow go hand-in-hand, for the more pious you become, the more empathy you feel, so the grieving flows from that. Piety will carry you out of this world to observe humanity and the planet from a higher place. In a way, it is not really higher, but more placed at 'an angle to' . . . you are watching from a place that is shifted at 90 degrees from 3-D reality. You can see from there, there is little or no mind chatter or clutter to confuse you.

Omar Khayyam wrote:

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ
Moves on: nor all they Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your tears was out a Word of it"

I had this caligraphied on the inside of a turret that is above my house. I realized Mr. Khayyam and I saw eye-to-eye, we agreed. There is fatality in the words, a finality. But also there is a very grand pathos, for we have to accept that the fate of the world cannot be washed away. Their pain can be taken (lifted) from them. I wrote about that last time, when I spoke of the pain of the Lamb of God, but all your piety and all your savvy, and all your knowledge cannot take away their karma at having created the pain in the first place.

Jeeze! Holy Smokes! Your tears cannot wash away what they became, what they are behind their posing and games and pretences. You can take their pain away, if you don't mind it in your body instead of theirs, but you can't rub out their devils. They have to do that and beg forgiveness for their crimes. But when they don't see their crimes as crimes, then they are doomed.

That bothered me a lot. So, I taught people to beg for forgiveness on bended knee on the floor for thirty days. I taught them not to lie so much, and that worked quite well. And some were so devilish, I let them go. And all the rest can come with me to the River Jordan next year, and I will absolve them there. eMail

So, while my tears cannot wash out one word of it, the Absolution and the River can.


Stuart Wilde

p.s. One man I have taught for a long time who is very humble, asked me if I could baptise him at the River, and I replied that I could not baptise him in the Christian faith, as I am not a priest or a pastor. But I told him I could baptise him into the Brave New World, as I built the Brave New World, and I put the anomalies where they are (hundreds of them), so people would arrive one day. He seemed happy with that.

p.p.s. Eventually some of the people that were very close to me, that now walk in and out of the 26-D Shimmering Door and the Camelot worlds on a daily basis, found that they could place anomalies and anchor them here in 3-D for people to find. So the floral arches that lead from this world to the next expanded in number quite rapidly and in places that I have never been to. Nice one! I was very pleased with that.

© Stuart Wilde 2009