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The Right Season & Synchronicity

If you create the intention to manifest your desires they will come to fruition provided the season is right. What this means is that we often must have patience and determination to keep trying many different alternative pathways to reach our goals. This is similar to how nature promotes evolution. Nature is always improving upon itself and trying new processes. If nature got discouraged we wouldn’t be here.

About five years ago I approached Dr. Deepak Chopra at a seminar with my idea for Yoga for Business. He told me that the season wasn’t right. At first I was hurt, but then I realized he was right. The market wasn’t ready for this message and I wasn’t ready either. There were certain lessons that needed to be learned. I started giving away my services to Cancer patients. I needed to learn the lesson of giving before the universe would manifest my desires. Once this had been accomplished, I was able to publish my first two books.

The regular practice of meditation will help you to identify seasons of change and increase the synchronistic moments in your life. The dictionary defines synchronicity as a coincidence of events, where there is a simultaneous action, which is related. For example picking up the phone to call someone and finding him or her on the other line.

Synchronicity can be used in many areas of your life…It can be used to build a business, form an advisory board, find a strategic partner, meet your soul mate or experience wonderful vacations.

Consider that every person you meet offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. By staying alert and in the moment you can capitalize on opportunities when they arise. Daily Yoga practice will help you to refine these sensibilities.

I have also used synchronicity when on vacation. Vacations are the best time to practice getting comfortable with stepping into the unknown and letting go. The known is our past; there is no growth there. When you go on vacation try to go to different places and seek out adventure. There are newfound friends to be made, different countries to learn about, and interesting places to explore. In a recent trip to the Dominican Republic we dined with new friends, explored waterfalls, journeyed through rainforests and enjoyed learning about life in their country.

  • Each day you’ll begin to let go of your judgment and expectations and each day enjoy yourself even more. Yoga will help to open the mind so you can experience your full potential. There are unlimited possibilities in life and soon you will find that your desires are fulfilled with less effort.

© 2007, Bruce Eric Van Horn

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If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. - Hippocrates

Author, CPA, MBA and yoga instructor Bruce Van Horn founded Yoga for Business, Inc., a company devoted to organizational and individual wellness. He presents a daily Yoga Workout routine that provides a complete physical, mental and spiritual workout. He is the author of Yoga for Prostate Health and Yoga for Men, designed for all levels of experience with yoga.. He has renamed (Asanas) positions in Yoga using terms from business to help you identify with the movement and focus your attention. He is the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Center for Complimentary Medicine at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Bruce also leads a volunteer yoga program designed for cancer patients and healthcare workers at Beth Israel Medical Center. He lives outside New York with his wife Michelle who is a Reiki Master. Bruce has two daughters who have asked that he refrain from headstands at the town pool. His website is If you have any questions, feel free to write: E-Mail.

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