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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on AOL's mirroring of society and the lack of interest in men and their issues.

Our Concern
What We Wrote
Their Initial Response

Our Concern
Have you ever looked at the special Welcome list offered by AOL when you sign on? They list lots special topics. Among more utilitarian subjects like Computer Center, Music and News, there is Kids Only, Teens and Women. Hum? Where are the Men? Maybe under Parenting? Not hardly. Most of those topics are direct to women, similar to most "parenting" magazines, most bookstores, especially Barnes & Noble, and most state "Family" services. Offerings directed to men remain conspicuously absent, and not by men own choice. The services just aren't offered.

Now, if you're a Teen Guy, you fare a little better since there is a subcategory for you.

We've contacted AOL before and gotten no response. We're trying it again. Via snail mail and fax. Why don't you give it a try, also? Make them aware that they are supporting an atmosphere that men don't need help, don't want help, and wouldn't be interested in it, if it were offered. If this is true, what does AOL have to lose. One line on their welcoming board and the hyperlink to a home page. In fact, they might even connect to the Men's Community home page, which comes up when you specifically Key Word "Men". Here's how: you might go about contacting them. Stephen M. Case, Chairman, Lennert J. Leader, President, Edward Adler, Sr. VP Corp Communications, AOL Time Warner, 75 Rockefeller Plaza 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019-6908 or 212.484.8000 or fax 212.489.6183 or or their contact e-mail address at Here's what we wrote:

Here's what the AOL main menu looks like (with homepage topics added in pertinent categories).

Careers & Work
Computer Center
Home/Real Estate
Kids Only:
Games, music, TV & movies, fashion & health, make stuff, news, sports, pets and animals, homework help, search & explore, kid2kid chat, speak out plus more
Local Guide
: Recipes, baby name of the day, good stuff (digital cameras, etc.), Features: Reality Check pool - share your deepest mom secrets+,. Winter health guide (keep your baby well during the cold season) Holiday Traditions (the true meaning of family and memories), Mom Talk - connect with other women - baby circles, pregnancy circles, parenting boards), Baby's first picture, expert advice, shopping (top toys, Gear Guide. AOL K-12: Maximize Your Child's Potential: Is your child on track (Pre-K Learning, grade schoolers, preteens, teens) Holiday Tots Contest, Keep Kids Busy Indoors, Elementary, My Dear, Parental Tool Box (set parental controls, homework help, kol.jr plus more
Personal Finance
Research & Learn
The lounge, music, movies & TV, celeb photos, guys girls games horoscopes freestyle beauty & fitness, contests, radio@aol, homework help, search & explore, question, news-we got him, bad joke, holiday fun, plus more.
Guys: You're not alone: tired, not eating, and can't get a wink or sleep? You can get help: More about depression, Gridiron Go-Time: Things heat up in week ten of the new season. Click here to get all your NFL updates. Sports Junkie? Find out. Teens photos,: concerts & celebrities, School: Homework help and more (three times) Get Bowled Over: Enter & win TV, DVD, Gameboy & more in a Super Bowl sweeps. Da' Bears' Big Brian: Check out all-pro Brian Urlacher & get your latest NFL news. Rock This Red Tech: A powerful new Palm full of Red exclusives is waiting for you. AOL Keyword Guys
Girls: Daizi1107 says: Whenever I kiss my boyfriend, I'm sick the next morning. I think I might be allergic to him. Can you help? Your Favorite Sites: More on the stuff you love: Pesky, horoscopes, beauty, crush of the month, go vote. Holiday gift guide - for him. Featuring School - homework help and more (3 times) Teen Get Jiggy With It! Armani has cool stuff for you to add on your holiday wish list. Make Over You BF! Two trendspotters help their guys get new style statements, What Is Hip-Hop? Before you call it noise, get the scoop from Hip-Hop icons. Go chat, Go post. AOL Teens; Girls.
Beauty & Fashion, Relationships, Wellness, Living, Home & Food, Weddings, Horoscopes, InStylecom, You Said It! Women Talk, daily horoscope, and much more

Source: AOL's Home Page 

AOL Keyword: Men does bring up AOL People Connection Men's Community and the following topics. Guys guide to the holidays: Week five plan. It's time to get that holly-jolly thang going on. Happy Holidays from AOL and the Men's Community: Deck Your Desktop, Take Photos, Try These Traditions, Track SANTA> Explore Men's Health Magazine: Fitness, health, sex and more (select a topic) Men's Health: No More Reindeer Games: Need a break from the hustling, bustling family? Make them all leave you alone: Sneaky Dad Tactics, Find Things for Them to Do, Escape to Online Chat., Hear Angels Sing: Great lovers are made, not born. You can become one, too. The Casanova Commandments, Get More Love Advice, Share Seduction Secrets. The Santa Squeeze: So, you've maxed out your credit cards - again. All is not yet lost. Enter to win $10,000, become a millionaire, get tips from tightwads. See bikini babes: One big beach party. Check out the action day or night at Power Lounge: A special feature from the magazines of Time Inc. Acura sponsored by the all-new 2004 Acura TL. AOL Keyword: Men

What We Wrote

On your Welcome menu that ends up separately from the sign-on menu when I sign on, why do you ignore men as a category? You specifically list Women, Teens, Kids and Parents (though virtually all topics are direceted to women) but Men is conspicously absent from your list. Our visitors would like to know why this segment of the population has specifically been excluded.

Gordon Clay


Their Initial Response

Subj: Re: Technical Question from
Date: 12/23/2003 3:50:28 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Webmaster
To: GordonClay

Dear Gordon,

Hello! My name is Sam, your America Online (AOL) Customer Care Consultant. It is my pleasure to assist you regarding any concerns you may have.

I undertand that you have complaints about the category of men not being included on our Welcome menu.

Gordon, I apologize for the inconvenience and frustrations this has caused you. I greatly appreciate your time and effort for bringing your concern to our attention.

Be assured that I will also escalate your complaints to the proper department to make them know how you feel about the issue and so that the category of men will be included on our list. Thank you very much for brining your concern to our attention.

If you would like to contact us by phone, please feel free to call us at the number below: 1-800-827-6364 The call is free and Consultants are available seven days a week.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you very much for your time and patience!

AOL would not be possible without a Member like you.

Gordon, if you have any concerns that we can be of help, please write us back at your most convenient time and we will be more glad to assist you. Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated.

Best regards and have a wonderful day!

Take care always, Gordon! =)

Sam Z.
Customer Care Consultant
The TechMail Department
America Online, Inc.

*    *    *

An ancient proverb: "What you don't know can't hurt you."
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