Like Most Swedish Supermodels,
They Consume Next to Nothing.


The Dads and Daughters organization asks: "What do women starving themselves to fit an unattainable, ideal body image have to do with selling Asko appliances?" Asko's ad in Sunset 2/02 says: "Like most Swedish supermodels, they consume next to nothing." Do they think it makes good marketing sense to associate their appliances with an eating disorder, a mental illness with the highest mortality rate of any mental illness? Would they run an ad that said "Asko dishwashers eat dirt like cancer eats cells?"

By joking about the seriousness of this disorder, Asko not only reduces the value of their name, but also degrades the estimated 8 million Americans that suffer from eating disorders. Ads like Asko's directly contribute to deaths caused by eating disorders by dehumanizing the disease and reducing the public's sense of urgency to give aid to those struggling and prevent others from contracting this horrible disease.

As of today, the issue has been resolved. C to Asko.

Source: Sunset magazine, 2/02 and

For Asko's response, click here. Joe Yoder Director of Marketing, or 800.367.2444 or Send a note one to Sunset magazine and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval folks, to heighten their awareness on just how easy it is to numb out on subtle adveritisng like this.


ASKO Appliances would like to apologize for any offense caused by our advertising campaign. We certainly understand that eating disorders affect millions of Americans, and it was not our intention to add to that problem.

This advertising campaign was already due to be replaced, and the offending ad will not run again.

We want to thank you for reminding us of our obligation to not only provide the most environmentally-conscious products but also to promote them in a socially responsible manner.


Joe Yoder
Director of Marketing

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