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The AWMN supports women in motorsport and the auto industry and our current focus is on drag racing training for women... as the most popular choice of motorsport in Australia for women. we call these days 'Girl's Torque'.

The Australian Women's Motorsport Network Inc ('AWMN') was launched in March 2001, as a need was seen for a support network for the growing number of women involved in all aspects of motorsport, from fans to competitors... and for women who currently work in, or plan a career in the automotive industry.

The AWMN's mission is to encourage more women to become involved in these male-dominated fields, as they are areas where women can, and do, compete on an equal basis if given encouragement and opportunities... and to help increase the power and respect of the many talented and determined women who are already involved.

Although surveys have shown that young women are the largest growing segment of the motorsport audience, and women make between 60 - 80% of the buying decisions when purchasing a car ... women are still in the minority in all automotive fields.

Women and girls of any age are encouraged to become involved with our unique non-profit organisation. We'd love to have you join us through the option that suits your needs and interests best.

If you need more information, have an idea or enquiry, or you're having any problems with our site, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Sue Corbett & Leonie Maher
Co-Founders & National Directors
Australian Women's Motorsport Network Inc
PO Box 1179
Casino NSW 2470 Australian Women's
(02) 6663 1393 or

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