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Kick this Bad Habit

Do you eat perfectly all day, but then get the munchies after dinner? You may not even be hungry, but you dig through the cabinets at night, looking for something, anything, that's sweet, salty, or savory to satisfy a craving. Don't waste all the hard work you did today. Snacking after dinner becomes a habit that's hard to break. Before you give in to these food rushes every night, think about why you are craving certain things.

Do you pig out because you're used to eating in front of the TV? Are you bored? Or could it be that you really are still hungry? Maybe you didn't eat enough during the day and now your body is telling you you're hungry to make up for missed calories.

Whatever the case, I propose that for one week, we stop snacking after dinner. Try to eat enough at dinner so that you're satisfied, not stuffed, but then cut off the food supply before bed. Keep yourself occupied by reading a magazine or a book, make a phone call, or drink decaf green tea. See if you can do it for a week, and maybe it will become a healthy new habit. I've no doubt that after a few weeks, a leaner midsection will make the sacrifice worth it.

Source: Jamie Bellavance, Assistant Online Editor, Men's Health magazine

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