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Circumcision & Sensation

In the debate for and against male circumcision, the arguments cover religion, culture, health and now, pleasure. Unlike “female circumcision”, with males there really are some physical advantages including partial protection from STD’s. But what about the drawbacks? New research has pinpointed the tangible differences created by giving a foreskin the chop.

Researchers from the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Center and Michigan State University (Sorrels et al.) set off to answer the rather problematic question about how circumcision changes sexual sensation. They did this by running a sophisticated set of touch-tests on different areas of the penis. Apart from the usual conditions that are controlled in such studies, such as age, ethnicity and level of education, they also took into account the time since the last ejaculation and the type of underwear that is worn (so it does matter, after all!)

And here is the winner: the boys with the foreskin came up on top. Actually, this finding isn’t really news – it has already been noted that circumcised men are slightly more sensitive. What the research did point out is exactly what makes the penis sensitive and how removing the foreskin affects that.

The researchers found that the procedure of male circumcision, which by the way is the most common medical procedure done in the United States today, created a different sensual outcome for men who are with and without their foreskin.

The sensation was judged in terms of pressure threshold, in other words, circumcised guys need slightly more touch or pressure to feel the same level of sensation. This does not mean that the two groups couldn’t reach the same level of feeling, just that the circumcised ones – on average - needed more or harder touch.

For the circumcised male, the most sensitive spot is the scar on the underneath (ventral) surface. The tip of the penis (glans) was typically less sensitive for these men.

For au naturale guys, there are five different spots with very high sensitivity, all of which are removed at circumcision, when the top of the foreskin is cut away. In fact, each of these five spots is more sensitive than the most sensitive spot on the circumcised man.

Given that circumcision is generally not an issue of choice but something prescribed by strong religious and cultural pressures, it isn’t fair to suggest that future sensation concerns be the main criteria for deciding on the procedure. After all, circumcision also provides safety and hygiene advantages and culturally-defined aesthetic standards.

Rather than crying over spilt foreskin, we should be looking to find the pleasure that goes beyond the points on the threshold scale. Even with the five hot-spots intact, sex still needs to be inspired and injected with passion, creativity and whatever else turns you on. And those are not to be found in the penis, but in the man who carries it around and the partner who awakens it.

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