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Kids Cooking for Life

Kids Cooking for Life

Kids Cooking for Life provides culinary programs that introduce children to the joy and social dimensions of food preparation, dining, and education for living a healthy and productive life.

The program is designed to inspire lifelong healthy cooking and eating habits in children.

We believe that by teaching children the importance of good nutrition as well as the joy and fun of eating food they have prepared with their own hands is one of the most effective ways to address the childhood obesity epidemic as well as the rapidly rising rate of lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Teaching throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on-site, trained instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition, culinary arts, agriculture and elementary education lead our classes. Children are exposed to all aspects of food preparation and sanitation, learn about where our food comes from, master knife skills, learn to read and understand nutrition labels, and learn about heart health, diabetes prevention and much more.
Source: 100 Thorndale Dr, Apt 246
San Rafael, California, 415-472-2564

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