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How Does He Taste?
Is Swallowing Safe?

How Does He Taste?

If the taste of his cum is not what you expected, here are some tips from women who have already been there, and a few tips from us you may want to try:

1. Have your man take small doses of unscented garlic pills daily. You will love it after he takes for a few weeks.

2. A BIG cause of bitter cum is drinking BEER. Wine is not bad. Dill pickles, mushrooms and asparagus can flavor the cum. Stay with sweet foods and fruit.

3. Fresh fruit and vegtables will help this. Its all based on diet. Woman from the spain, cyprus, turkey and japan, tatse better. Why? There diets are better. This goes for men also! Pears, plums, carrots are also good.

4. If you eat more green veggies, fruits and take a few natural supplements like Yucca, Udo's digestive enzymes and greens, you'll not only have better tasting cum, but you'll also be doing something good for your health as well.

5. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do as far as the flavor of cum goes. This is true of men and women. Plus stay away from red meat. White meats are okay.

6. I haven't really looked into this, but I have heard that sour tasting foods actually improves the flavor. Somehow the sour food you eat makes your cum sweeter.

7. Stay away from asparagus and meat. It will make your cum tastes bitter. I read this in Cosmopolition. Eating celery will help make it sweet.

8. Avoid eating anything spicy. Eating something sweet such as any kind of fruit should make it taste better.

9. Well it is somewhat out of your control with diet. You can put flavored foods on yourself before she gets started -- choclate sauce, puddings, etc. Or, you can drink at least 8 ounces of fruit juice 4 hours before you meet. Good luck! Mostly, she needs to try to develop a taste for it!

10. Go deep! Just as he is about to come, put his penis close to your throat so his spunk won't hit your taste buds

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