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Being a Good Dad is Good for Your Career

Seven out of 10 dads today say they would take a pay cut for more time with their families. And guess what? Men who successfully balance work and family life are better dads and are more successful at work. For example:

1. Harvard University found that leadership skills are most successfully learned and mastered by men who are well-adapted fathers.

2. Emory University found that fathers are more likely to have career success, as well as happy marriages…and devoted dads on average were more likely to thrive in their careers.

3. And yet another researcher found that fathers who cared for their children’s intellectual development and their adolescents' social development were more likely to advance in their occupations.

And guess what? When organizations make it easier for working fathers to find this work/life effectiveness fit, they do well also. This year’s Fortune magazine’s List of Best Places to Work posts Smuckers in the top spot. The company boasts a workplace culture that celebrates the individual and promotes respect for all as if employees were family. The result? The company has not only had incredibly high worker satisfaction but the company's stock has had a total return of 100% over the past 5 years.

So don’t be afraid to spend time with your kids…it could be a great career move!

(1) William Pollack of Harvard University
(2) “How Fathers Care for the Next Generation,” Emory University psychologist John Snarey
(3) “Childhood and Society” by Erik Erikson


© 2004 National Fatherhood Initiative

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