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Being a healthy man isn’t just about dodging illness. It’s about thriving as much as you can, as long as you can, in every way you can. It’s about what goes on your plate, what your body does all day, and what happens in your bedroom -- and in your mind.

Health Concerns for Men

Some health issues extend beyond differing ages, genders, and geographic regions. However, other issues, such as men's health problems, are usually particular to a certain group in society.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a growth of one of the major sex glands of men. The prostate itself is roughly the size of walnut and is located slightly behind the urinary bladder. A tumor in the prostate can impede correct bladder control and typical sexual functioning. Problems involving urinating typically are prostate cancer's initial symptom.

Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis typically causes heart disease. This is the amassing of fatty substances such as cholesterol, on the arteries' inner wall. This attracts calcium, stringy tissue and blood elements. These substances harden into plaques that block arteries. Other factors can also cause some heart disease cases.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure is another major health issue for men. Blood pressure readings are typically given as two figures. The first figure is your systolic pressure, which is established when your heart beats. A high systolic pressure constantly exceeds 140. The second figure is the diastolic pressure, which is the pressure within blood vessels while the heart is inactive. A high diastolic pressure constantly exceeds 90. Numerous factors can influence blood pressure, such as the levels of various hormones in the body; your kidneys', blood vessels' or nervous system's state; and the amount of salt and water in your body.

Lung Disease

Lung disease kills the third highest number of Americans. Lung disease symptoms include wheezing; cyanosis (blue or purple skin); chest pain; breathing failure; swelling; a constant or worsening cough; and hemoptysis (coughing up blood).


An obese person is defined as person with a body mass index that is greater than 30. Men's obesity typically collects near the upper body. Researchers are currently analyzing data indicating that obesity could be more detrimental for men, than for women. Obese men seem to have less endurance and more problems managing carbohydrates, than obese women.

Health Tips for Men

To remain healthy, men should take the following steps:

Men's health issues are important not only to men, but also to those who love them.


Healthy lifestyle practices

The best way to stay healthy is to prevent problems before they occur. Learn some basics about healthy lifestyle choices.

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