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Menstuff® has information on the Little Mommy Doll. I'm sure manufacturers and distributors understand that it would be equally offensive to hear a doll say "God is the light.", or "God Bless" or "Amen". I hope those behind this movement to remove this product agree. If only it was true. Are these the same people who listen to records backwards or campaigned against the Tela Tubbies or claim to have seen Janeet Jackson's nipple during the Super Bowl? Get a life, folks. - Editor

Doll pulled off shelves over Islamic message

Elmo Live may be the hot toy of the season this year, but it's a cute little baby doll who is getting all the attention right now. Fisher Price's Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo doll is supposed to utter only one actual word: Mama. The rest of the sounds emanating from the speakers inside the doll are just cooing and giggling sounds. Or are they? Some say they hear the words "Islam is the Light" among the baby babble are demanding the toy be removed from the shelves.

Gary Rofkahr of Owasso, Oklahoma says he bought the doll and was shocked by what he heard. "I have a 1-year-old granddaughter," he said. "It makes me mad that someone is trying to indoctrinate our children with an innocent toy."

Toys from "Lucifer's Toy Chest"

But wait, there's more. Others say in addition to promoting Islam, the doll also utters the phrase "Satan is King". Now, that makes absolutely no sense to me as Islam is most definitely not a pro-Satan religion. Is someone trying to indoctrinate our children or just confuse them?

This may sound like a few parents getting up in arms over what is in all likelihood just a misunderstanding, but the Wal-Mart in Owasso is taking it seriously. They've pulled the doll from the shelves. And in response to emails from a local television station, Fisher Price's parent company, Mattell, has issued a statement on the matter. They admit that one of the baby noises may indeed sound like the word "light", but insist that the rest is just gibberish. "We have found that if told to listen for a particular phrase, you may hear something similar due to the power of suggestion," the statement says.

Have a listen for yourself and tell us what you hear.

Doll with Islamic message stirs controversy

This little cute doll has caused a big ugly stir when it was discovered that among other baby gibberish, she utters the words "Islam is the Light" and "Satan is King." (Go online and scroll to bottom of story to see YouTube of this talking doll.)

When Gary Rofkahr from Owasso heard there was a baby doll on local store shelves that said, "Islam is the Light," he didn't believe it.

He bought the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo doll to see for himself and he was shocked to hear the words, "Islam is the Light" among other baby gibberish including "Mama."

"I have a 1-year-old granddaughter," he said. "It makes me mad that someone is trying to indoctrinate our children with an innocent toy."

He called Fisher Price to complain. He was told they were aware of the problem and would gladly refund his money.

"I told them I didn't want my money back, I wanted them to pull these dolls off the shelf," he said. "They told me they can't pull an item just because a customer requests it, they have to have corporate direction. I told them I would get corporate direction and get back to them. I told them I'm from a town of 30,000 people with 46 churches in it and I know someone who attends each one. I'm going to everyone I know to tell them about this and I'm going to call Target and Wal-Mart and see if we can pull this doll off the shelves."

"We've pulled it," said Mitzi Tatowicz, co-manager of the Owasso Wal-Mart,

She said Wal-Mart had heard about the doll and it's recording several days ago pulled the doll from the local store. Apparently, overnight the dolls had been put back on the shelves, but Tatowicz said "We've voluntarily pulled them and believe they shouldn't be on our shelves."

Local Target officials refused to comment on whether the dolls were still on shelves and directed the Owasso Reporter to a corporate media relations phone number that went directly to voicemail. At around 11 a.m. Wednesday, an Owasso Reporter employee purchased one of the dolls, which are made in China, at the Target in Smith Farm Marketplace for $19.99. UPDATE - As of 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 10, an Owasso Reporter employee confirmed several of the dolls were still on store shelves at the Owasso Target.

Upon further investigation, the Owasso Reporter came across some Web sites where others have discovered this doll and also claim she utters the words, "Satan is King." When the Owasso Reporter contacted Fisher Price to ask for official comment, they were redirected to a Mattel representative. When an employee called the number, they received a voicemail message that directed them to an email.

The voicemail message and email had not been returned by press time. The email did receive an Out of Office AutoReply that said, "If you are consumer and have a question about a product, please email our Consumer Relations department directly at" The Fisher Price inquiry number on the doll's box is 1-800-524-8697.

Update - Reporter Amanda Morgan-Scott received a reply from her email to Mattel. The email has been copied and pasted in full below.

As a result of a recent news report regarding our Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo dolls saying an inappropriate phrase, we immediately undertook a thorough investigation to fully understand the issue. A summary of our findings include:

As a result of these findings, we remain confident in the high quality standards of our Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo dolls. If any consumer has any questions or concerns regarding any Mattel toys, they may contact our Mattel consumer relations center at 800/524-TOYS (8697), and we will be happy to assist them. We take each call from our consumers very seriously and do our best to help address their concerns."

Oct. 8, Target had to call police when a customer asked for the Little Mommy doll to be pulled from their shelves and the store refused. The police report says, "Subject came in last night and demanded for us to remove some merchandise from the racks due to inappropriate language. The company did not remove item."

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