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Maritable Age - Introduction

The first thing you should know is that is not a miracle. The average person would spend at least a year searching for the right one. Some people will take as many as 2-3 years. Others give up. I would never recommend anyone to wait until they were absolutely ready to get married. Because you might find yourself settling for someone that is less than perfect just so that you can be married on time.

Marriage should be a blissful union between two people that absolutely love and adore each other. Not two people that marry each other out of desperation. So if you feel that you are within 2 years of marriageable age, then you should perhaps join It does not hurt to test it out and get to know some people. You will not meet the "right one" right away.

Average Age Statistics of Partners

Look at the ages below to get an idea of what the average ages of the opposite sex. For example, you can see that the female membership percentage peaks at around 25-26. You do not want to get too old for these large group of women, do you? As a 33 year old man, you may be too old for them and significantly decrease your opportunities to get married.

You can also see that there are a large number of men in the 28-30 year old range. As a woman, you do not want to be older than them, do you? Do you want to be a 30 year old female and have very little available suitors?

My Personal Story

I joined a little before my 25th birthday. I never considered myself ready for marriage. In fact, I felt so far removed from it that I was surprised I was serious about the site let alone join it.

I have so many dreams for my life that I would like to fulfill before getting married. I want to run a successful business. I want to move into a more established and safe community for my future kids.

This will all take 3-4 years but if I was to join when I was 28-29, I would have messed up. This is because it would take me until my early 30s to get married. I would spend far too many years waiting unnecessarily. Because of pressures from family and friends, I may have been more apt to settle for someone less than what I have dreamed.

It is true that I have met a lot of great girls in my first year on There were some girls that I would consider marrying if forced to or pressured to it. But I know in my heart they were not the perfect match that I was looking for. I am willing to compromise on things but there are certain things that should not be compromised.

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