Million Dad March

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on the Million Dad March.

Each group may represent themselves however they see fit. Simply email me to let me know you want to make a presentation for your group or ideas.

As an update for those who are just recently aware of the March, some info:

There will be two phases of the March., Local Marches and National Marches.

Saturdays for celebrations. Sundays for demonstrations.

Saturdays are for "Responsible Fatherhood" groups, such as NFI, and NCF, and "Faith-based" Fatherhood groups like Promise Keepers. Fathers WITH their children will be encouraged to bring them, and spend the day with their children doing many activities to help bring fathers and their children closer together.

Sundays are for Fathers' Rights, Paternity Fraud Victims, Choice for Men, and other similar groups. We will have protests on this day, including possibly a "funeral procession" for fathers who have lost their children, protests against the actions of family courts, and speaches from our greatest leaders, such as Stephen Baskerville, Mike Geanoulis, Jeffery Leving, and others.

The purpose is 3-fold:

1) Provide an atmosphere to encourage cooperation between every group in the movement, including other similar groups, such as children's and grandparent's rights groups. Plus encouraging the "Responsible Fathering" groups and the "Fathers' Rights" groups to at least agree that we both support fathers.

2) Encourage everyone in the Fatherhood Movement, whether directly or indirectly, to take a more active involvement. Stand up for fathers!

3) Gain as much attention for fathering issues as possible. In the media, publicly, whatever. We want fatherhood on everybody's mind for as long as possible. The more attention we get this Fathers' Day, the easier it will be for local groups to set up Men's Commissions in each state, the more attention will be brought to important cases, the more father-friendly laws will be passed, etc.

The Million Dads March is not the culmination of the Fathers' Movement. It is a new beginning for us. An era of cooperation towards common goals. A time when we work together to save fatherhood from extinction. Yet to achieve this we have to work cooperatively towards the common goal of bettering fatherhood.

The Marches will continue indefinitely. When there is equality, and when we no longer risk losing our children just by having our children, and courts stop destroying fathers, then we can stop Marching.

Never have I said that the Million Dads March will solve the problems of fathers, or that the next day we can all wake up happily ever after. No matter how successful the March is, it is up to each of us to continue to communicate and cooperate. We have to start over somewhere, and that is what the March is about.

Think about this: the March has already had SOME success. It’s brought us all here to share emails with each other. We are beginning to communicate. There have been words said, but they have been said respectfully. Already, I’ve learned that ACFC is working on media campaigns and NCFC is working on book campaigns. Great guys, I want to help you by working with you. I want to encourage others to work with you each.

I have sent this to you, those whom I believe share similar hopes and faith in the movement. Too many naysayers wish for the March to fail. Far too many people aren't active enough to write a damned letter! We are the ones who will make this March succeed, and we all need to be equal in setting this up. Without us all, we will fail. United we succeed.

Thomas Lessman


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