In Memory of Mr Rogers

Menstuff® has compiled the following in memory of Fred Rogers, the best damn male role model television ever had.

 Won’t you Be
My neighbor
over picket fence
and streaming traffic’s
over the wall
through the hedge
around the stockade
between the barbed wire
on the other side of the
concrete barracade
or any imaginary boundary
across the demilitarized zone
around this flag or that
underneath the uniform
behind the stolid stony face
of authority
beneath the inbred hatred
in the calm eye of
prejudice storm

Won’t you Be
My neighbor
we will take off
our sweaters together
and gently hold them out
between us to admire
then hang up on
a shared hook

Like a Llama
whose only religion
is Kindness
we will pledge allegiance
to the Goodness
that inspires the
outward Bang of
a Benign Universe
as it endlessly unfolds

Then we will sit down
smile, laugh,
have fun
make interesting
things together,
tell all our stories
up and down our
can’t we?

I think
We Can

*    *    *

Man "becomes" man only by the intelligence, but he "is" a man only by the heart. - Henri-Frederic Amiel

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