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A Note from Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Greetings Peaceful Warriors!

There's a film you may be hearing about soon -- but here's advance word:

"Peaceful Warrior" starring Nick Nolte as "Socrates" and Scott Mechlowicz as "Dan" - based on my autobiographical novel, opens June 2 on the West Coast - and will soon open (June and July) in theaters across America. (Will be reviewed on the Ebert/Roeper TV show Saturday or Sunday June 3 or 4.)

As author of the source book, I'm extremely pleased how the film turned out. Cinema with substance - a movie you won't soon forget; it may take you to places you haven't been in a while -- among them, the present moment.

For complete information, visit my website: and click on the links to:

  • The Movie Site
  • The Trailer
  • Theater Listings and opening dates.

Independent films live or die on word of mouth, and opening weekends. If you live near one of the theaters listed, and would like to see the film, please consider attending on opening weekend if possible. this is your way of voting on the kind of films you'd like to see more of. Even if you plan to buy or rent the DVD, being in a theater with a full audience is the most inspiring way to experience this movie.

If you so choose, you can email your friends about the film by clicking on this link:

"Peaceful Warrior" the movie, like the book, brings a little more light into this world.

In brotherhood,


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