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Santa Claus promoting pub crawls? Bad idea.
Success! MillerCoors Backs Off

Miller/Coors has Santa Claus promoting pub crawls? Bad idea.

MillerCoors is getting a lump of coal in its Christmas stocking this year. The beer producer is sponsoring binge drinking events in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, San Diego, and several other cities.

Billed as the "world's naughtiest pub crawl," the event website is splashed with images of Santa, hawks an official Santa suit, and features a video of people in Santa costumes running through the streets, partying.

But the industry's own voluntary advertising code bans Santa from promoting beer. And though the ostensibly charitable events are aimed at adults, many of them start in daylight or early evening hours, when children could spot St. Nick dashing through the snow....getting drunk.

Even beer giant Anheuser-Busch pulled its sponsorship of a similar event in Atlanta after a watchdog group blew the whistle this week. But MillerCoors? No response. Santa is far too busy right now to get dragged into this, so let's get their attention:

Click here to file a complaint with the Beer Institute and the Federal Trade Commission File a code violation complaint

After you do, please Tell a Friend! about this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some very naughty corporate behavior.

Success! MillerCoors Backs Off

Great news! In response to public outcry over its sponsorship of the "Running of the Santas" pub crawl, a MillerCoors spokesman has announced that the company did not mean to violate the beer industry's advertising code, and it is unlikely to use Santa in future sponsorships.

This is a rare and significant concession from a beer company that has earned a bad reputation with public health advocates for irresponsible marketing practices.

And it wouldn't have happened if our good friends at the Center for Science in the Public Interest hadn't blown the whistle on MillerCoors last week -- and if 2,200 concerned citizens like you hadn't taken action to complain.

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