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10 great places to get your motor running

"If your dad is one of those who make engine sounds as he's taking you and your friends to school, why not treat him to a Father's Day driving experience he won't forget?" asks Larry Webster, Car and Driver magazine's technical director. "You won't believe what it's possible to do in a car." Webster is a professional driver who has tested everything from the hottest exotic to the latest sedan. Auto aficionados can meet and race against Webster and the rest of the Car and Driver crew July 23-24 at the magazine's 50th anniversary party, open to the public at Indianapolis Raceway park ( Webster shares with USA Today's Shawn Sell some adrenaline-boosting driving/racing schools.

Looking for adventure: Skip Barber Racing School offers a three-hour Introduction to Racing course, helmet and race suit included.

Skip Barber Racing School - Various locations
"Run at tracks all over the country, (the school) offers a one-day course where students drive miniature Indy cars that accelerate like a Corvette," Webster says. "There are also new-driver programs and a high-performance class where students drive 500-horsepower Dodge Vipers. My pick: the three-day racing program. Go for it." 800.221.1131;

Smiley Sitton's Outlaw Driving School - Dallas
"Imagine piloting a car that looks no bigger than a go-kart but has a 700-horsepower engine, and you'll get the idea behind this school," Webster says. "I'm dying to try this, because learning how to handle one of these beasts on a dirt oval (held at various tracks around the Dallas area) has got to be an incredible thrill. I'd even opt for the ride-along program (in a two-seater with a professional sprint- car driver)." 214.331.4664;

Bobby Ore Stunt Driving School - Camarillo, Calif.
"Yes, you can learn to be a stunt driver," Webster says, "and Ore's school teaches Dukes of Hazzard-style slides and also how to drive a car on two wheels. Now you can watch a movie chase scene and think, 'Hey, I can do that!' " 818.880.5678;

Land Rover Experience - Asheville, N.C.
"Land Rover "courses that teach extreme off-road driving are held at some of the swankiest grand hotels in the country," Webster says, "like this one at the Biltmore Estate," where competing teams vie for the Biltmore Cup. 800.239.0533;

Richard Petty Driving Experience - Various locations
Head out on the speedway: Ride in the real deal as part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Lowe's Motor Speedway near Charlotte. "You won't learn a whole lot in this one," Webster says, "but you will get to experience what it's like to zoom around an oval like a NASCAR driver — either as a passenger or in the driver's seat of a stock car. Driving programs begin with eight laps at (high) speed and are available around the country." 800.237.3889; (Note: We list this school only because it is part of an article on racing schools. If you don't know, Richard Petty publically speaks against having women in the sport of racing so we wouldn't recommend giving him money to teach you racing.)

Team O'Neil Rally School - Dalton, N.H.
"Located in gorgeous Northern New Hampshire, the O'Neil rally school offers one- and two-day car control schools and three-day rally schools where students learn how to effortlessly slide cars over gravel roads," Webster says. "It doesn't get more exciting than this one, and after completion you'll look forward to driving in snowstorms." 603.444.4488;

Porsche Driving Experience - Birmingham, Ala
"Held at the Barber Motorsports Park outside of the city, the PDE runs one-day courses or an advanced program," Webster says. "The best parts: You get to learn in Porsche 911s, and the instructors are legendary drivers like Hurley Haywood. There's also an off-road class where drivers pilot Porsche Cayennes." 888.04.7474;

Roy Hill's Drag Racing School - Various locations
"If the idea of driving a 1,200-horsepower drag racer down a quarter-mile track sounds good to you, Roy Hill will teach you how" at various tracks, Webster says. "It's not cheap, but we're talking rocket-like acceleration. Ride programs are also available." 336.498.7964;

Jim Hall Kart Racing School - Ventura, Calif.
"Most professional drivers got their start in karts, and you'll be amazed at how much you can learn in a pint-sized vehicle that's about the size of a shopping cart," Webster says. "Hall's school is the most cost-effective way to hone your skills." 805.654.1329;

Wide Open Baja Adventure - Baja, California/Mexico
"This one is for serious adrenaline junkies, because you drive two-seat dune buggies over the same Mexican desert routes used in the Baja 500 and 1,000 races," Webster says. "You can even stop in Cabo San Lucas. Choose from four-day tours or seven-day adventures." 949.635.2292;


Additional Racing Schools

Aintree Racing Drivers School Ltd. - offers an introduction to the exhilarating world of race car driving at Three Sisters Race Circuit.

Angeles County Raceway, The - come down and see what we can offer you and your family.

Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Racing.

BSR - driver training schools for accident avoidance, high performance, racing, police pursuit, security, and defensive driving.

Complete Auto Racing School - offering hands-on driving experiences.

Dale Jarrett Racing School offers more laps for less money and 100% more fun than any other NASCAR Racing School. We are the first racing school at Talladega and Bristol. We provide one on one instruction. eMail or 888-467-2231 or

Donnybrooke Motor Sports - driving school specializing in karting and exotic cars.

Drivetech Racing School - race car driving school with NASCAR racecars at speedways in the West.

Drive to Victory Lane - oval track school using Featherlite Modifieds.

Fast Track Driving School - provides an opportunity for car-racing enthusiasts to jump behind the wheel of a Nextel Cup race car.

FinishLine Racing School - offers a serious school, adventures and corporate packages, and a handicapped adventure.

Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School, the Official School of th eNHRA,

Goodman Motorsports, Ltd. - home of Bridgestone Racing Academy, an open-wheel racing school offering F2000 and Trans-Am courses, racer searches and more.

Jim Hall Kart Racing School - expert on-track race training and valuable class instruction.

Rod Hall International, Inc. - also offer Hummer vehicle operation training and service.

The Indy Racing Experience is not really a school but what it says, an experience. For a fee you get to sit in a second seat behind an experienced driver in an Indy car and get the feel of the track at high speed. With a little instruction, you can drive one on your own behind a pace car. This was previously only available at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on certain days. It is now open daily at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando. They share the track with the Richard Petty Driving Experience. "An amazing opportunity for women to experience IndyCar racing by riding or driving an IndyCar machine around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Orlando's Walt Disney World Speedway." Sarah Fisher might even be your driver. It's all in the timing. More information can be found at

International Motorsports Academy - located at the Charlotte County Speedway in Punta Gorda, FL

Langworth Motorsport Rally Team & School - motorsport team offering car hire, rally tuition, and support for rallysport in Europe and the U.K.

Mid-Ohio School - professional and amateur sportscar and cycle racing courses.

Monster Racing Excitement, Inc. - drive NASCAR Nextel Cup racecars at the Monster Mile at Dover Downs.

Motorsports Club - offering 8 sessions a year at Willow Springs Raceway in California. For drivers of Porsche or Ferrari vehicles.

Richard Petty Driving Experience - drive or ride in authentic NASCAR Nextel Cup style stock cars around famous tracks.

Porsche Driving Experience - offering driving programs at the Road Atlanta Motor Sports

Racing Adventures Driving School - offering multi-location auto racing experiences throughout North America.

Bertil Roos Racing School - using formula 2000 racecars, on both road and oval tracks. Half day, full day, three, and five day programs available.

Russell Racing School Russal Racing School.

Skip Barber Racing School Skip Barber Racing School.

SpeedTech Stock Car Racing Schools, Inc. - offers basic and advanced programs.

StockCar Racing Experience - offers stock car driving instruction on Pocono International Raceway's 2.5 mile tri-oval.

Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School - teaching fundamentals used by professional race drivers in Pahrump, Nevada. For drivers of Corvettes or radical vehicles. or

Sports Car Driving Experience - high performance driving school using 2004 Corvettes. Learn profesional driving techniques as instructors give you feedback as you

Team O'Neil Rally School - high performance driving school offering courses for safety, rally, and security driving on loose surfaces and dirt roads.

Ivor Wigham European Pro Rally School.


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