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High Schoolers across the country are filling their sandals with booze.

Get the Flip-Flop-Flask Off the Market
Product Description
Flip Flop Flasks Concern Local Authorities
Our Email to Reef
Letter to Nordstrom
Kudos to Nordstrom

Get the Flip-Flop-Flask Off the Market

Reef, famous for their beach sandals, have created a sandal for summer that includes a 3 oz flask in each sandal. In communities where kids wear sandals to school, this could be a major problem. And, they're not that hard to spot, with a screw cap on the side. Something to think about. Drive a car and have booze in them, whether your of drinking age or not, could bring a charge of possession of an open container. Be under 21, and you could be sited anywhere for an open container. Is it worth it? Let's get it off the market.

Kudos to Nordstrom

Erik B. Nordstrom, President of Stores for Nordstrom, has agreed that the flip-flop-flasks were “a ridiculous product” and that it would be removed from all Nordstrom stores. “We thank you for bringing it to our attention,” Nordstrom added.

The Reef Dram sandals hold 3 oz of booze in a built in flask in each heel = about 4 shots. Oregon Partnership recently sent a letter to Erik B. Nordstrom, President of Stores, saying that the product was not worthy of the company and was a means of underage drinkers to hide alcohol.

Erik B. Nordstrom, President of Stores, in a voicemail message to OP Communications Director, Pete Schulberg, said he agreed that the flip-flops were “a ridiculous product” and that it would be removed from all Nordstrom stores. “We thank you for bringing it to our attention,” Nordstrom added.

Click here to read the letter written to Nordstrom.

Product Description

Reef Men's Dram Sandal features a flask in the heel so you can smuggle your moonshine into any sporting event, concert, or even a boring lecture. Reef incorporated a polyurethane-encapsulated canteen in the heel that opens with the included church key/fin key. How dope is that? But the Drams don't stop there. These flip-flops' synthetic nubuck uppers and compression-molded EVA uppers are mad comfortable and they won't get thrashed by the water, which makes the Dram Sandals great for boating or chilling on the beach. Editor's Note: We wonder if it qualifies as an open container under state laws?

Flip Flop Flasks Concern Local Authorities

The summer-like weather means more people will be wearing shorts and sandals. And that has local authorities worried about flip flop flasks.

While this thirst quenching technology has many teens and young adults excited, it poses a significant problem for educators, law enforcement and prevention specialists.

It's called Dram Flask Sandal.

It's the newest product offered by Reef, the world's leader in surf-inspired footwear.

It features an encapsulated canteen in the heel with a screw cap.

The top only opens with a key which happens to come with the sandal along with a funnel.

Each shoe can hold about one ounce of liquor, or about one shot.

Since flip flops can be seen almost everywhere on the Central Coast, San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services staff are alerting educators and law enforcement.

"A lot of high school students, that's all they wear to school is flip flops from September all the way to June and this is just another way for them to if they want to show off or maybe they have an alcohol problem at an early age to be able to consume that beverage when they shouldn't be," said D.U.I Task Force Prevention Specialist Erin Taylor.

The flip flops come in multiple colors and are available in stores along the Central Coast.

Sales associates said they are very popular so far among college students.

Authorities said the flip flops are another item they'll have to worry about being on school grounds and at events like county fairs.

Law enforcement said if someone under 21 is caught with alcohol inside a sandal, they could be cited for minor in possession.

Our attempts to contact the reef company for comment were unsuccessful.

Source: Reported by: Andrew Masuda,KSBY-TV, San Luis Obispo, CA,

Our Email to Reef

I have always felt Reef to be a respectible and responsiblecompany. I own several pairs, myself. However, the introduction of the Dram does not fit the quality image of Reef. While your market may include a lot of drinkers, the Dram is a gimmick product which can endanger it's wearers, whether 21 or not, since being caught with alcohol in a Reef could constitute a DUI or at least open container. It can become a way for underage drinkers to hide alcohol in school and relates more to binge drinkers and those who "need" a drink which is the opposite end of what Reef has presented in the past - healthy, active life-style, not sneaky drunks. We would encourage you to rethink this product and either (1) Pull it off the market (our preference), or (2) Include a warning about legal ramification for both undersage and adult use for alcohol.

Gordon Clay

Letter to Nordstrom

October 30, 2007
Mr. Erik B. Nordstrom
President of Stores
Nordstrom, Inc.
1617 6th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

Dear Sir:

Upon shopping at the downtown Portland Nordstrom recently, I noticed an item in your men’s shoe department that we believe at Oregon Partnership is not worthy of your company: Flip-flops with a built in polyurethane flask in each heel.

The flip-flops, manufactured by Reef, also come with a tiny funnel for filling the flask and a plastic key to open the three-ounce flasks. They are advertised as “a drink come true!”

We at Oregon Partnership, a statewide non-profit promoting alcohol and drug prevention and education, consider this product as a means for underage drinkers to hide alcohol.

School officials and prevention groups around the country agree with us. In recent months, several national chains have discontinued selling “drinking games” and other products with alcohol (and binge drinking) as an underlying theme. We believe that if we are to make inroads into the crisis that is underage drinking, products such as the Reef flip-flops should not be sold under the Nordstrom banner and in Nordstrom stores. Your company has always been a wonderful community supporter, and you could be doing us all a favor by dropping this product.

Thank you for your consideration.


Pete Schulberg
Communications Director
Oregon Partnership

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