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I was shocked to read all the press around the movie Sideways. Particularly in defense of Stephanie (Sandra Oh), the single mother who smokes dope in front of her adolescent daughter.

I can't believe that people actually think that, of the hundreds of guys Stephanie serves wine to every day, Jack is the first guy she has flirted with and taken to bed. Seemed like she had her game on pretty good from the start. And, to believe someone was going to marry her after a few nights in the sack - come on.

Stephanie is a violent woman and if she had testicles, she'd be in prison right now. But, because a man did something emotional to her, the women in the audience gave their approval - as did many reviewers without making any reference to her totally out-of-control behavior. Fifteen years ago men said that it's something the woman said or did that made them violent. Today, the tables have turned so that it's totally acceptable to crush a man's scull, or perform premeditated murder as the Dixie Chicks sing in "Goodbye Earl" (to the roars of approval from the women in their live concerts) a song they got a Grammy for. The fact that the Domestic Violence movement hasn't spoken out against either act speaks volumns. If you are part of the solution...

A second aspect I haven't seen mentioned in any review regards the wife of the trucker, a scam that is not unheard of and one where the date rape drug is now being used to incapacitate the man so it makes him easier to rob and then dump along the way. A pretty clean crime since few men, caught in an uncompromising situation, dare tell the police.

Sideways has it's weaknesses. Both sexes acted dispicably. And, that's pretty real. While we might wish we were more honest and sincere with each other, as many of the relationship books teach us, it's a game and most people still play it. A visit to any watering hole on a Friday or Saturday night will confirm that. Unfortunately for many couples, reality never kicks in after marriage and the games continue. I'll stop playing the game. Will you? - Gordon Clay

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